About Banana Box

Banana Box was created to make life easier. 

The owners have moved a lot in their lives, and they’ve found that securing cardboard boxes and other moving supplies is downright stressful, exhausting, and far from “a-peeling.” Not to mention the pain of cardboard boxes getting wet or even falling off the back of the truck (it has happened)! Banana Box solves all of these problems! 

Our Boxes and moving supplies are delivered directly to your door, and picked up at the scheduled time of your choosing. You won’t have to worry about storing them or wasting material afterwards. Everything is reusable, durable, water-resistant and stress-free. 

Banana Box makes moving a-peeling for when you’re ready to split!

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September 5, 2023 Blog Moving Tips and Tricks

When Plastic Is Actually Better Than Paper

Roughly 380 trillion tonnes of plastic are produced each year, most of which ends up in things like landfills and fish bodies. So obviously, plastic gets a bad rap as an environmental villain. But there are two sides to every story, and there are some instances where it’s actually the smarter choice...

May 1, 2023 Moving Tips and Tricks

How To Waterproof Your Move

Let’s set the tone:  Dark clouds roll in overhead and a light rumble of thunder whispers in the distance. A calming monotony of tapping raindrops covers your roof and pixelates the view out your window. The smell of rain wafts in and you close your eyes, taking it all in. A flash of lightning illuminates...

What You MUST Put in a Wardrobe Box When Moving

Here’s an alternative title for you CS Lewis fans for when you’re moving: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Box! It tells the story of four siblings who are moving to a mystical land but have no way to pack hanging clothes that are especially nice. That is, until they encounter a magical wardrobe...

March 13, 2023 Blog Moving Tips and Tricks

Should You Get Moving Boxes at Home Depot?

Home Depot is a great spot to pick up certain things: Sinks, dads, a Litton Lane 17-Inch Multi Colored Metal Eclectic Dog Garden Sculpture. You can buy a whole entire garage door, a bath mat and a ficus there, but should you get your moving boxes at Home Depot? No! No shade to Home Depot. […]

The Best Way to Label Your Moving Boxes

Labeling your moving boxes can make all the difference in packing, moving and unpacking during your move. Sure, you can grab a pen and scribble down where each box should go, but there is an art to moving box labels that can’t be underestimated.  As you begin to pack and label your boxes, here are...

February 28, 2023 Blog Tips and Tricks

How To Pack Boxes With No Tape

You know you’re ready to pack for your move when you’re about to move and you have stuff to pack up. But, uh oh! You don’t have packing tape! No matter — knowing how to close a box without tape is a skill many have heard of, and also a skill many people have. If […]

Packing Tips for Moving: How to Properly Tape a Cardboard Box

We are outraged. You had to google “packing tips for moving” because your school failed you. You had to hold Caleb’s weird sweaty hand each year during your annual square dancing unit, but never had a unit on how to move homes? The average American can expect to move between 11 and 12 times in...

Have Extra Time On Your Hands? Here Are Some Ideas.

Okay, the fact that you clicked on this blog title in the first place makes us a little skeptical. How many people really have extra time on their hands these days? If you made good decisions and rented plastic moving boxes that came with free delivery, you would have a lot of free time. As […]

10 Packing Tips You Didn’t Know

Look, it’s no secret that moving sucks. Scrounging up money for deposits, finding moving boxes and begging people to help you are nobody’s idea of paradise, unless you’re a real monster.  You already know that there is a right way and a wrong way to pack, but there are always new and inventive...