What You MUST Put in a Wardrobe Box When Moving
March 20, 2023

What You MUST Put in a Wardrobe Box When Moving

Here’s an alternative title for you CS Lewis fans for when you’re moving: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Box! It tells the story of four siblings who are moving to a mystical land but have no way to pack hanging clothes that are especially nice. That is, until they encounter a magical wardrobe box that transports hanging clothes and other items in a simple, convenient, tall case. 

The twist? You’re all four siblings, and instead of moving to a mystical land, you’re moving to a new apartment, house or other dwelling place! (M. Night Shyamalan who?) With the help of a wardrobe box, you can pack hanging clothes and other essential items to make moving that much easier and more magical. 

Here are a few things to pack in a wardrobe box

1. Dress Clothes

The best use for a wardrobe box is to pack hanging clothes, especially nice dress clothes. You don’t want your elegant gowns and suits to get all musty, dusty and crusty when they’re squeezed into a confined yellow moving bin. (Side note, yellow moving bins are great for packing other belongings for your move.)

There are a lot of strategies to pack your clothes when moving, but none are really the best for dress clothes. If you are moving with your wedding dress, prom dress, suits or tuxedos, you probably don’t want to roll them up or pack them into cubes (apparently that’s a thing). Instead, pack hanging clothes that you are particularly fond of — assuming you are fond of your wedding dress — in wardrobe boxes. The built-in rods are as if they’re made for hanging clothes. 

Keep your dress clothes and precious hanging clothes protected during your move. Grab a wardrobe box or two and preserve the clothes you love. 

2. Long Bois

Wardrobe boxes are just moving bins that are really tall. They’re perfect for all your long bois that you need to move from one place to another. You’ll be surprised at how many tall items you have lying around that could conveniently be packed into a wardrobe box. 

Here are just a few long bois you can pack up in a wardrobe box: 

3. Yourself

Okay, you have to squeeze yourself into your wardrobe moving box and pop out at someone walking by at least once during your move. It’s classic. Imagine some innocent mover walking by, thinking to themselves, “boy, these moving bins sure make my job easier!” and then BAM they’re ambushed by a prankster jumping out of a wardrobe box in the middle of the room. 

Plus, you could win at hide and seek on moving day. Better yet, people might carry the box out to the car with you inside and you can get away with not having to lift a finger all day long. You MUST put yourself in a wardrobe moving box at least once when moving. 

Do You Need a Wardrobe Box?

You may be asking yourself this question at this moment, and we’re here to tell you: probably. If you have long clothes, tall items or extra nice dresses that simply cannot be bunched up into the usual suitcase style, a wardrobe box is the perfect moving solution. 

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