Should You Get Moving Boxes at Home Depot?
March 13, 2023

Should You Get Moving Boxes at Home Depot?

Home Depot is a great spot to pick up certain things: Sinks, dads, a Litton Lane 17-Inch Multi Colored Metal Eclectic Dog Garden Sculpture. You can buy a whole entire garage door, a bath mat and a ficus there, but should you get your moving boxes at Home Depot? No!

No shade to Home Depot. We just want you to have the most cost-effective, seamless move of your entire life. So here’s why you should skip the big box moving supplies, and opt for moving boxes and supplies from a locally-owned moving specialist. 

1. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

When it’s crunch time and you’re looking for where to get boxes for moving, you could hop in the car, cart up and navigate the stimulation overload of a home supply behemoth, but with what time? Why not stay at your own home depot and have everything you need delivered, with free same-day delivery?

Use the time you save to organize your moving checklist, find sweet furniture discounts on craigslist or reach out to your high school crush and see if maybe the spark is still alive. 

2. Where’s the Heart?

As the embroidered sampler in your step-grandma’s kitchen says, “home is where the heart is.” Strange, then, that Home Depot is serving pre-Dorothy, no-heart Tin Man vibes. Shouldn’t an alleged depot of the home be stocked to the brim with heart? When your moving box transaction is complete, will a real human be there to help you? No!

Opt, instead, for a company co-owned by two real humans with so much heart that they literally created human life and respond directly to phone calls and email inquiries

3. You deserve options!

When it comes to moving boxes, Home Depot gives you the options of cardboard or cardboard. What if you don’t want cardboard? Where do you get moving boxes then? There’s a family-owned option that lets you choose between buying cardboard boxes or renting plastic moving boxes.

Make Your Move With a Minneapolis Mom&Pop Supply Shop

Banana Box is a locally-owned and operated moving supply service. Save time, money and mental energy by getting your moving boxes and supplies delivered to your home for free. Choose cardboard boxes, with free same-day delivery, or plastic moving box rental, with free delivery and pickup. 

Schedule your move with Banana Box online or over the phone at (612) 979-5137.