Small Apartment Moving Tips
June 12, 2024

Small Apartment Moving Tips

Live in a small apartment? Have narrow, winding stairs? Dreading your upcoming move?

Hey, we get it. Banana Box was founded to help people move out of small apartments, especially those that don’t have an elevator. When we were testing out boxes, we wanted to make sure even our biggest boxes could fit up and down those stairways that are often too narrow for even the smallest couch.

Tip 1 – Don’t Overfill Your Boxes!

As you begin packing, it can be tempting to cram as much into every single box as you can, but let us tell you – it ain’t worth it! More moving accidents happen because the mover (you), can’t see over the top of a box or are carrying a box that is too heavy or full. Use this fun rule: When in doubt, leave it out! An extra trip, while tiring, could save you from knocking your hands or tripping down that narrow stairwell.

Tip 2 – Get The Right Boxes

Yes, this is a plug for Banana Box, but it is true. We have seen it all and one of the most common ways to damage items is dropped boxes. Buy or rent boxes that have handles so you can easily pick them up and walk around. Having handles on your boxes also makes it easier to pivot around corners!

Tip 3 – Combine to Win

Just because you are packing up items from your kitchen, doesn’t mean you can’t also pack things from other areas of the house. Use your clothes as a buffer between glass items. Bath towels are great for wrapping photos. Thinking of packing your house as a whole rather than room by room can often yield more space and deliver your items safely to your next destination.

Tip 4 – Take Your Time

We have moved a lot in our lifetime and we know the feeling of wanting to rush to complete the move. When you are getting tired or cranky with your move, take a minute to refocus. Grab some water, sit down for a quick rest or recheck your packing. Rushing will bring more stress than making sure it is done right.

Tip 5 – Parking

One of the most overlooked aspects of a move is where you park the moving van, truck or your vehicle. We can’t stress this enough: Find good parking that is near an access door to reduce your trips and stress. You want to find ways to increase efficiency and decrease your effort and parking near the closet stairway and door is an easy way to get a moving win!

If you have any questions about an upcoming move or would like to rent the best reusable moving boxes near you, just click the link!