How To Pack Boxes With No Tape
February 28, 2023

How To Pack Boxes With No Tape

You know you’re ready to pack for your move when you’re about to move and you have stuff to pack up. But, uh oh! You don’t have packing tape! No matter — knowing how to close a box without tape is a skill many have heard of, and also a skill many people have. If you are all set with your new address, your clothes and other belongings and some moving bins or boxes, but you don’t have any packing tape, you can still pack successfully and be ready for the big day. 

We know how to close a box without tape, but it all depends on what kind of boxes we’re talking about. Cardboard? Reusable plastic? Styrofoam? (Don’t move with styrofoam boxes.) Here are some tips to make packing without any tape easy. 

The [F]old Fashioned Way

Are you working with some cardboard boxes or other recycled cartons for your move? No problem! There is always the tried and true method to closing a box without tape, and it’s what we do every time we play poker: fold. 

Folding the flaps of cardboard boxes is a classic way to secure your belongings without any packing tape on hand. Don’t know how? Weird flex, but okay. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  1. Fold one flap inward to the middle of the box.
  2. Take an adjacent flap and fold that one inward, too.
  3. Take the opposite flap of the first flap and fold that one inward. 
  4. Take the last flap and fold it inward, shoving one corner underneath the first flap you folded. This step will take some finnageling. 

Boom, you’ve successfully learned how to close a box without tape! But what if you just can’t get those pesky flaps to fold the way you want? 

Use Ribbons

Ooh this one is fun. If you don’t have packing tape but need to make sure your moving box is a little more secure than just folding it up, try tying it up instead. Use some yarn or ribbons and wrap it around your box, tying it tightly in a nice bow. Ribbons and yarn also can be color-coded so you know where each box is going during your move. Sure, you could write on your box, but where’s the fun in that? 

Interlocking Moving Bins

Plastic moving bins are a pal’s best friend when it comes to moving. After all, they come with built-in packing tape — their lids! Interlocking or clasping lids make moving boxes ideal for moving, especially if you are lacking the sealing power of tape. Reusable plastic moving boxes make packing before moving a breeze, and you don’t even have to worry about how you’re going to seal them, especially if the lids are connected to your bin in the first place. 

Let Nothing Get in the Way of Your Move

Not even a lack of packing tape can stop you from getting your move on. There are many ways to pack boxes without tape and still secure your belongings confidently. In fact, reusable, interlocking moving bins from a local box company in Minneapolis make packing and moving much easier than having to worry about taping up some run-down cardboard boxes. Plus, with all the accessories, including markers, zip-ties and tape guns, you’ll be all set for a successful move. 

Find moving boxes and packing tape near you and get started on your Twin Cities move soon.