When Plastic Is Actually Better Than Paper
September 5, 2023

When Plastic Is Actually Better Than Paper

Roughly 380 trillion tonnes of plastic are produced each year, most of which ends up in things like landfills and fish bodies. So obviously, plastic gets a bad rap as an environmental villain. But there are two sides to every story, and there are some instances where it’s actually the smarter choice over paper. Here are a few examples:


If you opened up a paper umbrella, the umbrella would quickly disintegrate. You would be uncomfortable and wet, and you’d have to buy a new umbrella. Clearly, paper umbrellas would be a soggy and humiliating mess, while a durable plastic umbrella could withstand many uses.

Bluetooth Speakers

Imagine showing up at the lake with a paper Bluetooth speaker. Your friends would laugh you off the pontoon and your stupid paper speaker would melt into the lake. Plastic speakers are affordable, water-resistant and have better sound quality.


Paper flip-flops wouldn’t last a day at the beach, while plastic flip-flops would keep your feet from burning and they can get wet. They can be wiped clean for another day at yet another beach. Show me a paper flip-flop that can do that. I’ll wait


Would you fly in an airplane made of paper? Yeah — didn’t think so. If you’ve ever seen a paper airplane fly, you know it’s probably going 7 feet tops. You could just walk that. 

Moving Boxes on a Rainy Day

Did you know that cardboard is kind of like paper? While cardboard moving boxes can totally rule, plastic moving boxes are sometimes the better choice. They’re almost infinitely reusable and their sturdiness will keep your precious earthly wares safe from rain when God curses your move with undesirable weather.

Rent You Some Plastic Moving Boxes

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