Packing Tips for Moving: How to Properly Tape a Cardboard Box
February 13, 2023

Packing Tips for Moving: How to Properly Tape a Cardboard Box

We are outraged. You had to google “packing tips for moving” because your school failed you. You had to hold Caleb’s weird sweaty hand each year during your annual square dancing unit, but never had a unit on how to move homes? The average American can expect to move between 11 and 12 times in their life — 11 to 12 times more than they attend square dances — and yet no one teaches our children basic moving skills. 

We aren’t going to wait for Washington to fix this problem. We’re going to take meaningful action to ensure you are armed with essential moving knowledge. Welcome to class, baby. Here’s how to properly tape a cardboard box:


Basic Terminology for Cardboard Moving Boxes

When seeking advice on how to tape a cardboard moving box, you’re going to see words like “flap” and “edge,” but what do these words mean? Let’s get started with some definitions: 

  • Flap: The foldy, flappy part. The wings of the box, if you will. 
  • Edge: Where the sides meet, like the corners and stuff
  • Seam: Where the flaps meet each other, or meet the edges
  • Tape gun: A cool tool that makes your life easier 

Now that you’re fluent in the language of the box, you can start putting your boxes together.


Follow This Standard Taping Method

A cool thing about cardboard moving boxes is that you get to choose which end is the bottom, and that’s the end you tape first. Flip your box bottom-side up and get ready for the taping.

  • Fold the inner flaps inward. You don’t have to tape these, but you can. 
  • Align the outer flaps with the edges and with each other, so they’re flush with each other. 
  • You’ve created a seam! Good job! Now use your tape gun to tape from halfway up the side of the box across your newly-formed seam, and halfway up the other side.
  • Wow, you’re doing it!
  • Now, tape the seams where the flaps meet the edges.
  • You’re a pro

Make sure your tap spans the seams and edges evenly. If you’re not feeling confident about it, feel free to reinforce it with some extra tape, just to be sure. 

Level Up For Boxes You Plan to Pack With Heavy Stuff

If you’re planning to move something heavy, like your collection of regional Emmy awards, you’ll need some extra reinforcement.

  • Reinforce the box by taping the inside edges
  • A few inches in from each of the flap-edge seams, add long strip tape going an inch or two up each side of the box.
  • Oh cool! You made an “H!”
  • Now, make a cool tape “X” across the diagonals of the box.
  • Wrap tape around the bottom of the box — two go-arounds should do. 

Don’t Forget the Top of the Box

Once you’ve packed up everything you hold most dear, secure the top of the box. You knew this already, and we don’t want to make you feel dumb. You’re a genius. We saw how well you taped the bottom of the box. But since we’re giving packing tips for moving, we’ll cover this part for good measure:

  • Align the top flaps and tape the seam
  • Blow on your tape gun like a cool action hero in a movie and deliver a clever one-liner to your cat. 


Make Your Move With Good Boxes

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