How To Waterproof Your Move
May 1, 2023

How To Waterproof Your Move

Let’s set the tone: 

Dark clouds roll in overhead and a light rumble of thunder whispers in the distance. A calming monotony of tapping raindrops covers your roof and pixelates the view out your window. The smell of rain wafts in and you close your eyes, taking it all in. A flash of lightning illuminates your living and your eyes open, suddenly staring at all your moving boxes littered throughout your place. Shit. You’re going to be moving in the rain

There’s nothing like wet cardboard and soggy shoes on moving day. What better way to break in your new place than to turn it into a slip-and-slide and hang all your books out to dry in the bathroom? If you’re preparing to move and it looks like it’s going to be wetter than expected, here are a few tips to waterproof your move and make moving in the rain as sunshiny as possible. 

Avoid Cardboard Boxes

Let’s get this out of the way right away: don’t use wet cardboard boxes on moving day

You’re in for a complete moving catastrophe if you pack your clothes, books and other water-sensitive belongings in cardboard. Unless you’re a weird little guy who likes their undies just a little bit soggy, we suggest leaving the cardboard boxes behind on moving day. 

However, if you already have cardboard boxes, you can still use them on moving day! (“What! But you just said we have to leave them behind!” – you, probably.) That’s right, but did you know that wet cardboard boxes can still make an appearance and be useful? 

Place your cardboard at the entrance of your new home if you’re moving in the rain. They’ll act as a, well, cardboard doormat, and will stop the slop from spreading around the house. 

Lead the cardboard (if you have an endless supply, apparently) to the major rooms in the new place so all the wet doesn’t just pile up by the doorway. 

Instead of wet cardboard boxes, pack your belongings in plastic boxes. Even if you aren’t moving in the rain, plastic moving bins are durable and waterproof, making your move way easier and drier. 

Meet Your New BFF: Tarp

Tarp, meet your new BFF: the person reading this blog. 🙂 

On a wet moving day, a tarp quickly becomes one of the best things you can have. If you have furniture or other belongings being transported in open-bed trucks, trailers or convertibles, throw a tarp over it all! It will help keep your belongings and furniture nice and dry during the move. Plus, afterward, you can throw your tarp on the ground and use it as a slip-and-slide

Gear Up

Did you know that raindrops are shaped like hamburgers? (Add that little fact to things we learned when writing this blog.) 

Anyway, it is scientifically proven that the less rain you get on you, the less wet you’ll be (yeah, yeah, yeah, we can make a joke about is water wet and what even is the essence of wetness and honestly, this is the joke we’re making about it because we couldn’t come up with one.). 

So, if you’re moving in the rain, why not gear up? Grab an umbrella or raincoat. You could totally blow your movers away by looking totally cute in some new rain boots, too. If you needed an excuse to go on a quick shopping spree, this is it! Gear up for your move with some anti-wet suits. (And maybe some disposable ponchos for your movers.) 

Avoid the Wet

The best way to waterproof your move is to not move when it’s wet. We get it, that’s easier said than done. But if you can change your moving day slightly earlier or later, you may be able to avoid the wet altogether! If it’s not possible, remember to take extra precautions to waterproof your stuff. 

Plastic moving boxes will help keep your personal belongings dry. Plus, if they’re ordered from a local Minneapolis moving box company, you can get plastic moving bins delivered to your front door, rain or shine! 

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