You’re Moving Soon and You Need Boxes. Here’s What to Do.
August 18, 2022

You’re Moving Soon and You Need Boxes. Here’s What to Do.

Like most of us, you occasionally fall victim to procrastination. It’s now just a few days before your big move, and you need to cram all your stuff into some boxes, throw it on a truck, and get this stage of your life behind you. We’ve been there, and we feel you.

If you’re ready to start packing, your next few steps are critical to determining the satisfaction and stress level of your move, so tread carefully. Here’s what we recommend.

Develop an Attack Plan

Things generally work out better when you plan them out in detail – which is deeply annoying, but here we are. If you can take an hour or two and plan the details of your move before diving in and throwing your half-eaten bag of chips into your laundry sack, you’ll save yourself a migraine when it’s time to unpack.

Start by grouping like-things together – ideally by room in your home. Keep all kitchen items in a pile, all your clothes in one area, etc. This packing method will allow you to label your moving boxes with the area of the house they belong in, so you only have to move a box to its new area one time. See? Planning means you won’t have to run all over the house unpacking one chaotic box.

Next, take a moment to think through how you want to load and unload the truck. This is next level, we know. Put bulky furniture in the truck first, then things like clothes and daily items, and then finally your rugs, tools, and dolly. Trust us, unloading in the right order saves a ton of time and stress!

A man lays under a pile of cardboard moving boxes.

Get the Right Boxes

Now that you’ve developed a fool-proof packing plan, it’s time to get that stuff into some boxes. Cardboard moving boxes are the typical way of doing things. Where exactly do you procure said boxes? Unfortunately, the cardboard moving box industry is practically designed for you to fail. Not only do you have to trek to a superstore to buy them individually (they’re never wrapped in bundles), but they are splayed out so you can only carry a few at a time, even as they are broken down.

Flash forward a few days, the picture is even uglier. Cardboard moving boxes rip, fold, leak, and tip over. They don’t stack well, are difficult to carry, don’t protect from water damage, and can single-handedly ruin your move. Have you ever dropped a box full of books down the stairs because the bottom gave out? We pray you never have to – that’s how we lost Gary… Paulsen’s iconic young adult classic, Hatchet.

Thankfully, there’s a better way. Plastic moving boxes are more durable, stackable, and sustainable. Better yet, Banana Box will even deliver the perfect number of boxes directly to your door, so you won’t need to manhandle them around Walmart. We’ll even include dry-erase markers so you can label your plastic boxes as you see fit. After you unpack, we’ll pick up the boxes from your new home, hassle-free. That sounds better, doesn’t it?

A branded yellow Banana Box plastic moving container

Plastic moving boxes are an all-around safer and more a-peeling option, as they won’t split, tear, bend, or topple over easily. That sure beats the hand-me-down Amazon boxes you’ve been keeping around for months.

Move with Style and Grace with Banana Box

Banana Box is the cure to your moving woes that you never knew you needed. We deliver plastic moving boxes and packing supplies directly to your door, making your move faster, simpler, and safer. If you’re in need of movers, we’ll even connect you with a moving company near you to help reduce the burden.

When you invest in plastic moving boxes and leave the cardboard ones on the curb, you’re making your future self smile. Level up your move today with Banana Box.