3 Tips for Moving Fragile Items
July 20, 2021

3 Tips for Moving Fragile Items

If you’ve ever moved before, you know that not every item fits perfectly – and travels safely – in a cardboard box. Even items like books that can stack in a rectangular way often make cardboard boxes so heavy you need help just to get them into your car!

Fragile, irregularly-shaped items are another story. Some items such as light fixtures, china, or mantle pieces won’t fit in a standard cardboard box, and even if they do, you’ll have to avoid stacking other boxes on top of them while ensuring they remain stable during transit. Is there a solution to this? How should you pack your fragile items so that they can be easily stored and arrive safely at your new destination? Here’s everything you need to know.

1. Make a Plan

The first step in solving any problem is taking the time to identify it. An effective and affordable move requires foresight and planning. If you wait until the last minute, you could end up packing your fragile items in whichever containers you have lying around on moving day…or worse, you’ll need to place them in the truck with no packaging at all!

These pitfalls can be easily avoided by planning ahead. Take a careful inventory of all the fragile items in your home that will require special packing. Use a keen eye, paying attention to the items that might be blending into the environment, such as light fixtures and TVs. Next, make sure you order the right packing materials in advance of your move so you aren’t left using towels and couch pillows instead of proper packing supplies. Banana Box makes this step easy – we offer a variety of pre-calculated moving plans specifically designed for homes of various sizes. We also offer packing paper, zip ties, and bubble wrap to make your packing even safer. Save that trip to the hardware store – Banana Box is a one-stop shop!

2. Use Hard Plastic Boxes

The most important step in moving fragile items is selecting the right boxes to transport your items. Cardboard boxes simply won’t cut it – they can sustain water damage, buckle under weight or pressure, and need to be painstakingly taped and cut open after each use. Thankfully, Banana Boxes solve all of these problems.

Our hard, plastic boxes eliminate the risk of water damage while protecting your items from blunt impact of other boxes or falling objects. The best part? Banana Boxes are specifically designed to stack easily, regardless of what’s inside!

3. Label Your Boxes

We’ve all been there – after your move is finally over, you are left with a tower of boxes in your empty, unfurnished new abode. Now what?

Knowing what to unpack and when will save you oodles of time. This can be solved by labeling each box carefully and thoroughly. Write directly on each box with the details of what exactly is inside, making an effort to be specific and intentional. “Bowls and Cutlery” is much more helpful than “Cabinet Stuff.”

Try to remain vigilant in the final stages of packing. If a box is full of mainly dishes, don’t throw those last few T-shirts in the box as well. Creating a disorganized system on the front-end of moving will cost you precious hours on the back-end.

You guessed it – Banana Boxes can be labeled too! Dry-erase markers work perfectly to mark up the sides and lid of each box with whichever info you like. We even provide the markers to you with every order!

Protect Your Items with Banana Box

Keeping your valuables safe is our top priority. Banana Boxes make your move safer, cheaper, and far more a-peeling. Our hard plastic box material is markedly stronger and more reliable than cardboard, and Banana boxes provide waterproof protection. Unlike regular cardboard moving boxes, they’re made specifically for safe storage, stacking and carrying. Ditch the cardboard boxes and opt for a much more sensical option – Banana Box! 

We will deliver our best-in-class boxes right to your door, and pick them up from your new location, free of charge. Win-win! Get in touch with us today at 612-979-5137 or visit our site to get started.