These Are the Worst and Best Places to Find Moving Boxes
August 22, 2022

These Are the Worst and Best Places to Find Moving Boxes

Moving is a whole thing, right? You have to find a new place to live. You have to let strangers look at the current place you live. And now you have to put all of your belongings in boxes to move them to the new place you’re going to live. So, after everything else, you need moving boxes!

Please don’t make a hard time harder by looking for boxes in the wrong places. Make a hard time actually not so bad with our guide to the worst and best places to find moving boxes. 

Worst: Some Big Dumb Store

Did they not get the memo that you’re moving? Why is this big dumb store making you drive all the way there when you have important things to do like transferring your utilities and finally mustering the courage to ask your soon-to-be-ex-neighbor on a date? And then to find yourself awkwardly carrying huge flat moving boxes to your car and trying to make them fit? 

That’s humiliating. 

Best: Banana Box

Stay home and find moving boxes online. We deliver moving boxes directly to your door, along with packing materials. You need a dolly? We’ll deliver a dang dolly to your dang door. Anyone offering moving services and supplies should bend over backwards to make things as easy as possible. 

Worst: Your Step-Cousin Steve

A young man in an orange Nike sweatshirt stands half in light half in shadows.

No shade to the reliable Steves out there, but are you freaking kidding me right now? You can’t trust your step-cousin Steve with anything. Didn’t he steal those boxes from his step-nana, your real nana, to illegally traffic ferrets from Wisconsin before the deal fell through? 

When someone, anyone, tells you “Oh you’re moving? I got boxes,” you say, “No thanks.” You don’t know the story those boxes are carrying. 

Best: Banana Box

Rent durable, plastic, fully clean moving boxes from Banana Box. Sure our boxes carry stories, but those stories are “having the easiest move of my life” and “I took a picture of my baby in a Banana Box igloo before the kind and considerate crew picked them back up – for free – from my new home.” 

And if cardboard is your jam, we’ll deliver fresh, never-stolen moving boxes, bubble wrap and a tape gun. Why? Because we all have a step-cousin Steve, and there’s a reason he doesn’t work here. 

Worst: The Alley Behind Some Big Dumb Store

A small mouse crosses the forest floor.

We’ll give you props for the finding free moving boxes, but if you find moving boxes in the alley behind some big dumb store, you’re asking for trouble. Minneapolis is the 12th rattiest city in the country. You’re telling me you’re trusting alley boxes not to have housed a family of rats? 

You’re moving. You don’t have time for rabies. 

Best: Banana Box

You can move easily on a budget without contracting the bubonic plague from Ratat-alley. We offer bundles for any size move at affordable prices, and delivery and pick-up are free. You know what else will be free? Your spirit as you blithely navigate the simplest moving experience of your life because you chose to move with Banana Box. 

Find Moving Boxes the Best Way: Banana Box

We promise we aren’t trying to be braggy, we just really did a good job at designing our business model. With Banana Box, you can order cardboard boxes same-day so you never need to resort to rats, Steve and big dumb stores. You can rent radiant yellow plastic moving boxes that stack and protect your favorite things from water. We throw in some moving supplies just because we like you, and sell even more for fair prices. Why? Again, because we like you. 

You need moving boxes? Schedule your move with Banana Box today – even if it’s moving day.