Unpacking is Hard. Here’s How to Actually Do It.
January 16, 2022

Unpacking is Hard. Here’s How to Actually Do It.

You know at the end of a horror movie, right when it seems like everything is going to be okay, the killer’s eyes open and you know that the nightmare isn’t over yet? That’s what it feels like when you get the last moving box into your new home and realize the mountain of work before you. “I’ll do this tomorrow,” you say as you make space on a couch that’s not where it should be, naked and sweating with a pizza box on your stomach. But will you do it tomorrow? Or will you live in a box maze for weeks, only opening them when you need to find something important: a pan or your retainer or life-saving medicine?

Banana Box understands that unpacking after all the work you’ve already done feels like an insult to your very humanity. It’s not only hard but necessary, which is the most offensive kind of hard thing. We present to you: Banana Box’s guide to unpacking your moving boxes. With these simple tips we will help you unpack with the focus of a tech magnate who practices transcendental meditation.

1. Make It Easier Before You Move

The first step to easy unpacking starts before you’ve even packed your boxes. If you’ve already packed, please skip this part because it might make you feel worse and that’s the last thing you need right now. 

Okay – they’re gone. Pack by room and label your moving boxes, okay? Nothing makes a moving box mountain feel more like an Everest than filling your home with haphazardly-packed, unmarked boxes. You won’t know what goes where. You won’t know where to start. You’ll spend the next six months wandering aimlessly from box to box wondering where your parents, guardians and the American public school system went wrong. By organizing and labeling your moving boxes before you move, you can easily put them in the right places as you bring them in, or slide them into their final destination when you start unpacking. When you do this, you’ll feel so smart and proud of yourself that you’ll have extra motivation to begin the arduous journey of unpacking. 

2. Fuel Your Unpacking Journey

Any successful effort takes the right type of fuel; moving is no different, especially when it comes to unpacking. Moving fuel comes in three essential forms: solid, liquid and sonic. Save your celebratory pizza until after your last knickknack is placed on its shelf and choose energizing snacks for your solid fuel. We’re talking eggs. Maybe even dark chocolatey trail mix. We’re talking these peanut butter banana energy bites we just Googled. Liquid energy comes in three main forms: water with lemon, electrolyte-enhanced beverages made for sick toddlers, and heavily-caffeinated coffees and teas. Your sonic fuel is up to you. Pick songs you can sing and dance along to with joy or rage, compelling podcasts or pre-party playlists that fill you with a determined zest for life you’ve almost forgotten during your moving experience. 

3. Unpack in the Right Order

Bring order back to a chaotic universe by organizing your unpacking by room, starting with your bedroom. Since your first adolescent door slam, your room has offered refuge from a cold and unforgiving world. Start unpacking here so you have a clean, safe space to retreat when you need to take a break. Up next we have the big two: kitchen and bathroom. Having these spaces unpacked and ready to go will enable you to engage in the two most essential daily human habits: eating and the other one. If you have a dining room, first congratulations and second: that’s the next room to unpack. Hit your closet spaces next and then finish in the living room. Ending in the living room lets you finish in your chill spot, and you’ll need to chill after surviving yet another move. You did it, Joe. You’re the next president of the United Living Space.  

Make Moving Easier with Banana Box

When it comes to facilitating organized, easy moves, Banana Box is legitimately bae. That’s not a brag, it’s just a fact. We deliver our moving boxes directly to you, along with zip ties and markers for easy room-by-room labeling. Banana Boxes help distribute weight better than cardboard and have handles for easy lifting. They’re waterproof and sturdy, so unless you really mess something up they’ll keep your belongings safe. Designed to be stacked, you can store our moving boxes easily as you unpack so you don’t have a massive garbage pile or constant trips to the recycling bin out back. When you’re done, we pick them back up and you get to live the comfortable, human life you deserve. Choose your package by the size of your move and get packing with Banana Box today.