Have Extra Time On Your Hands? Here Are Some Ideas.
February 13, 2023

Have Extra Time On Your Hands? Here Are Some Ideas.

Okay, the fact that you clicked on this blog title in the first place makes us a little skeptical. How many people really have extra time on their hands these days? If you made good decisions and rented plastic moving boxes that came with free delivery, you would have a lot of free time. As a matter of fact, scheduling moving box delivery frees up so much time during your move, you could probably hit each of these activities and still have time to do more stuff. 

After you’ve placed a rental order for plastic moving boxes, you won’t have to worry about bothering your dad for his, or going to the store to find some that will work for your move (and then try to return them afterwards to get your money back, only to discover that they got banged up during your move and now you’re stuck with like, 20 plastic moving boxes that you have nowhere to put). 

So, what do you do with all that free time? We’re glad you asked. 


1. Cancel Your Cable (Or Complete Other Lengthy Tasks)

Why is it so hard to cancel your cable these days? It takes hours sometimes to get on the phone with your TV provider, and then when you finally get through, you’re in the bathroom or are just about to go out to eat. Go figure. Well, now that you have plenty of free time on your hands  — thanks to scheduling moving box delivery (which you can do online without having to talk to someone, by the way) — you can get all the lengthy phone calls out of the way. 

Call a plumber and get your toilet in tip-top shape for the next person moving in. Schedule your next dentist appointment (don’t forget to floss!). What other dreaded phone calls have you been putting off? Now’s the time to get them out of the way, courtesy of your favorite local moving box delivery company

2. Nail the Fast Part of “Hardware Store” 

The only thing that has stopped us from memorizing and absolutely crushing the bridge to “Hardware Store” by Weird Al Yankovic is simply not having enough time. If we moved with plastic moving boxes, then we’d finally be able to sit down and really hit every single word. Seriously — imagine showing up to work on a random Tuesday and just spitting Weird Al. You’d get a promotion in no time. (Look! You’re already saving more time.)

3. Learn the Napoleon Dynamite Dance

This dance is so 2005, but the last time we had extra time on our hands was right around 2005. We haven’t had a chance to shove our hands in our pockets and get down to Canned Heat. Have you? The best part about learning the Napoleon Dynamite dance isn’t that you will have a lot of opportunities to perform it, but when you do get the chance to perform it, you’ll have it ready to go right away. 

4. 🤮 Pack 🤮

It would be irresponsible not to put this on a list about saving time when you rent plastic moving boxes and schedule moving box delivery. Obviously packing isn’t the first choice of pretty much anyone, but you’ve got free time from your moving box delivery. Why not spend that time wisely? Packing moving boxes the smart way can save your valuables, plus it can save you time packing and unpacking. Boom. You’re saving even more time now! You’re welcome. What are you going to do with all this extra time? (Hint, read this blog.) 

5. Plan Your Halloween Costume

It is never too early to start planning your Halloween costume. What’s that? It’s February? Not too early. Oh, it’s November 1st? What are you going to wear for Halloween next year? If you’ve got extra time on your hands, think ahead and start planning next year’s costumes. Heck, you can even go through your closet for ideas (and while you’re at it, pack your clothes into reusable plastic moving boxes). 

Here are some ideas to get you started: 

  • Napoleon Dynamite (You see where we’re going with this.)
  • Yellow plastic moving box
  • Groucho Marx glasses
  • Tom Hanks dressed up as Woody

6. Write a Blog for a Local Moving Box Delivery Company

Let the cycle continue. This is actually exactly what we’re doing right now. I’m literally just some guy who scheduled free moving box delivery and decided to write a blog for my local moving box company to kill some time. If you are faced with a ton of extra time because you are renting reusable plastic moving boxes from a company in Minneapolis, why not write a blog for them? I’m sure they’ll love it. 


Banana Box: The Good Problem to Have

We deliver more than yellow plastic reusable moving boxes. We deliver extra time for you to do, well, whatever you want with. (We really do suggest packing, for your sake, but it isn’t our place to tell you what to do with your free time.) 

Do you need some free time? Do you need some plastic moving boxes delivered directly to your door so you can make moving easier? What a coincidence! Banana Box can help. We are Minneapolis’ favorite moving box delivery company, and we pride ourselves on being a friend during the moving process. Make moving easier and give yourself time to do whatever you want. 

What are you waiting for? Rent boxes and schedule a delivery today.