How to Use Plastic Moving Boxes
February 3, 2023

How to Use Plastic Moving Boxes

You’ve moved with cardboard boxes your whole life. And that’s fair: cardboard boxes are cool. This move is different, though. You’re looking for something a little stronger to carry you and your prized possessions through the process. You found your answer in reusable plastic moving boxes. Sure, they’re not what you’re used to, but you’re ready for an adventure. Here’s how to make a successful move with plastic moving boxes:

1. Rent Those Bad Boys

First thing’s first: don’t buy your plastic moving boxes. Rent them from a reputable moving supply company. Unless you’re planning to replace your furniture with plastic boxes or you’re a billionaire with a massive box bunker, you don’t have the room to keep a full move’s worth of boxes in your home. Besides, renting reusable boxes is friendlier to the environment. 

2. Pack Those Bad Boys

When your plastic moving boxes are delivered to your home by the world’s friendliest moving supply company conveniently headquartered in Minneapolis, it’s time to start packing. Just like groceries, you want to put heavier things on the bottom. Wrap your fragiles in recycled packing paper and bubble wrap or old t-shirts from bands you don’t listen to anymore. Label your boxes as you go so you know where they belong and what’s in them. For example: 

  • Bedroom
  • Books
  • Danity Kane’s full discography
  • CPAP machine wrapped in recycled packing paper

Lock the lid on tight, and reinforce it with zip ties if you really don’t want anyone digging through your Danity Kane albums. 

3. Stack Those Bad Boys

One of the many benefits of plastic moving boxes is their stackability. As you finish each room, stack the boxes from biggest to smallest, and marvel at how secure your box tower is. While in the past your home may have turned into a terrifying box maze during moves, now your home is a tidy testament to preparedness. This is a massive help in reducing moving stress

4. Move Those Bad Boys

Whether you’re moving yourself with the help of friends or you’re hiring movers, plastic moving boxes will make this part much easier. They’ve got handles! Plant your feet on the floor and your hands on those handles, lift from the knees and get to work. Stack your boxes in the truck, van or wagon, and greet destiny with a smile that says “I’m moving and I don’t hate it!.” 

5. Send Those Bad Boys Back

When you’ve unpacked your rented plastic moving boxes, you never have to see them again. Stack your empty boxes as you await the arrival of your moving supply company. Wish each box well, thank them for keeping your Danity Kane collection safe and send them on their way. They have fulfilled their duty. 

Make Better Moves With Banana Box

Banana Box is the kind of moving supply company you bring home to meet your parents: friendly, courteous and responsible. We rent durable plastic moving boxes with free delivery and pick-up, along with all the moving supplies you need to make your Twin Cities move a “Show Stopper.” 

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