10 Packing Tips You Didn’t Know
February 13, 2023

10 Packing Tips You Didn’t Know

Look, it’s no secret that moving sucks. Scrounging up money for deposits, finding moving boxes and begging people to help you are nobody’s idea of paradise, unless you’re a real monster

You already know that there is a right way and a wrong way to pack, but there are always new and inventive ways to up your packing game, especially if you’re a panic packer who’s crying and streaming cartoons from your childhood to help alleviate the unending pain of adult struggles like moving. 

So here you go: 10 stealth packing tips and hacks for a stress-free move:


1. Pack a Weekend Bag

Before you start packing, pack a weekend bag. This will keep you fresh on moving day and help you delay the arduous task of unpacking. Include: 

  • clean undies, 
  • extra clothes, 
  • toothbrush, 
  • soap, 
  • a roll of TP, 
  • essential medications, 
  • necessary crystals for blessing and cleansing your new home, and 
  • anything else you simply cannot function without. 

2. Start With Your Storage Rooms

You may be thinking, “well that’s already packed so I can do that last.” WRONG! You don’t know what’s in there, and you may not even need or want half of it. Go through that room first, and practice some Swedish Death Cleaning.

Starting with closets and storage areas will also provide space to keep boxes out of your way as you go through the rest of your home. 

3. Fill Your Shoes With Small Items

Shoes are basically tiny moving boxes. Normally, they store your feet while you move from place to place, so you already know they work. Put small items in those bad boys before you pack them up — stuff like: extra charging cables, jewelry, the collection of keys you never returned from previous rentals etc.. 

4. Space Out Your Heavier Items

It’s proven by SCIENCE that when you combine heavy things, things get heavier. Don’t put all your books in one box.

5. Make Sure Heavy Boxes are Small Boxes

Another cool science fact? Smaller boxes are easier to carry because of how arms are, and they also distribute weight more evenly.  So, it’s a good idea to pack heavier items like weights, tools or kitchen appliances in smaller boxes. Then you can pop lighter stuff on top. Everyone is going to think you’re a science genius. 

6. Line Moving Boxes With Bubble Wrap

Don’t let the name fool you: bubble wrap ain’t just for wrapping. Before you wrap and pack your fragiles, line the bottom of the box with some bubble wrap. You’re a shock absorbing wizard and no one is going to break those breakables on your watch. 

7. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Packing Paper

Trees are good to us. They give us shade and apples, and act like the lungs of the planet. Even in their death, they continue to look out for us. Stock up on recycled packing paper and use it to cradle your precious earthly possessions in a sweet crumpled nest.

Bonus: When you’re done moving, make watercolor paintings on the crinkled packing paper, sell them, become a famous artist, quit your day job and move one more time into a mansion in Costa Rica.

8. Fill in the Gaps With Paper Towels

While bubble wrap and packing paper slap, in the 11th hour of your move, you may be running low on reserves and end up needing an alternative to prevent your items from shifting during your flight. 

Wad up some paper towels and jam them into the gaps of your boxes. Stuff them into your mugs. Wrap individual necklaces in them to keep them from tangling into a knot. Then, when you move in, you can still wipe stuff down with them. 

9. Tape Up Your Flatware Organizer

If you don’t have a flatware organizer in your drawer, you need to get one. We’re not trying to tell you how to live your life, but seriously: It’s 2023. You don’t need to touch every spoon on your way to find a fork. Plus, they make moving easier.

Strategically tape over the top of the organizer, throw a towel on top of that, and bam: your cutlery is move-in ready. 

10. Use a Wardrobe Box

Okay, have you heard of these things? Wardrobe boxes are a major improvement over the old “clothing in a garbage bag” trick. You’ll get to go straight from closet to box to closet fast. Plus, you’ll get lifelong use out of it beyond just moving from place to place. Your winter wardrobe can survive the summer without being crumpled up under your bed. Now that’s luxury. 


Pack Like You’ve Never Packed Before

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