When To (and Not To) Use a Wardrobe Moving Box
February 13, 2023

When To (and Not To) Use a Wardrobe Moving Box

There are so many options when it comes to packing these days. Reusable plastic boxes are all the rage, and cardboard boxes are still an option for the traditionalists out there. But do you know how to move clothes on hangers? What about all your precious adult onesies that you collected over the years and are carefully hung up in your closet? Shoving a ball gown into a plastic moving box just won’t do. You need a better solution when you’re packing clothes

Thankfully, the moving revolution is here. Cardboard boxes have been around since 1817, and the wardrobe moving box was invented some time… after that. (We aren’t historians.) Packing clothes has never been easier, and now you will finally know how to move clothes on hangers without having to shove your precious gowns into a dusty ol’ box. Wardrobe boxes are great tools for moving and offer solutions to moving problems you have faced since 1817. 

But should you always use a wardrobe moving box? The short answer is no, and the long answer is the rest of this blog. Read on and we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of how to move clothes on hangers, and the different uses of the handy wardrobe moving box. 


When To Use a Wardrobe Moving Box

1. When Packing Clothes That Are Nice or Unfoldable

Your adult onesies, for example. Okay, or your wedding dress, tuxedos and other nice clothes. Tall moving boxes are a great way to move clothes on hangers that are especially nice or unfoldable. You don’t have to completely ruin your wardrobe by scrunching up your nice clothes and shoving them in a box. Instead, try gently placing them in a box — a wardrobe moving box, that is. 


2. When You Want Extra Protection

Do you have protection? Wardrobe moving boxes are sturdy cardboard boxes that keep your clothes and other belongings safe during a move. Some may opt for a plastic bag when they move. That’s fine, if you want to put your clothes and other fragile items in a flimsy container that could rip open at any given moment. Instead, add some sturdiness and confidence to your move. A wardrobe moving box offers the boost you need to tell the world, “I don’t feel like a plastic bag anymore. I am a strong cardboard moving box that protects those I love and I’m not afraid to show it.” 

Also, if you’re moving tall items or fragile things like lamps, here’s a secret moving hack: try a wardrobe moving box! That’s right, these boxes are perfect solutions for protecting and moving your tall lamps, your short lamps, your tall giraffe statues or your short giraffe statues. Just remember to mark the boxes as fragile, in case you or your movers mistake a lamp/giraffe moving box as a wardrobe moving box.  


When Not To Use a Wardrobe Box

1. When You Can Fold Your Clothes

If you need to know how to move clothes on hangers, the wardrobe moving box is for you. But if you are packing clothes that are already folded, why make extra work for yourself? Pack folded clothes in plastic moving boxes to save space for your hanging clothes or taller items. Wardrobe boxes have built-in hanger rods, making them ideal choices for packing clothes on hangers. But folded clothes don’t have hangers. So you don’t need a wardrobe box for them. Make sense? 


2. You Don’t Have a Lot of Tall Items

Wardrobe moving boxes are tall. Save these boxes for all the tall stuff in your house and apartment, and pack your less-than-tall items and clothes in other boxes. Packing short items in a tall box does not maximize the use of the space the box offers. Give your wardrobe moving box the opportunity to use its full potential by packing tall items inside, and let your smaller boxes serve their purpose, as well. 


Make Packing Easier

Do you need 12.8 cubic feet of moving box? Are you packing clothes on hangers? Do you have precious onesies, giraffes or wedding dresses that you want to protect during your move? Do we have a solution for you. Wardrobe boxes are the unsung heroes of moving day, giving you the confidence you need to make moving easier than ever. 

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