How To Move Your TV and Other Fragile Items
January 30, 2023

How To Move Your TV and Other Fragile Items

Ah, moving in Minneapolis, everyone’s favorite way to spend a weekend. Packing up your old place is pretty straightforward. Gather your moving boxes and packing supplies, go room by room filling them, and then label the boxes and tape them shut. That is until you get to your fragile and expensive items — the items you inevitably have to come up with a separate game plan to move to your new home. No item is more doted over than the television. The problem is moving boxes for TVs are hard to come by, and unless you’re a pack rat, you have long since thrown out the box that TV of yours arrived in. 

We all love basking in our TV’s warm glow. It brings us comfort when we come home from a long day at work. Plus, you dropped some serious coin on that 4K HD TV, so it would stand to reason that you want to keep it safe as you move along with your other fragile items. 

You can already hear the tongue lashing Aunt Lola would deal out if you broke the vase grandma gave you during your move. Let’s discuss some ways you can protect your fragile items as you move, so Aunt Lola can find something else to complain about.

Save The Vase

All of your glasses, vases, lamps — anything that could easily break — needs extra attention paid to them in order to safely move them to your new spot. There are a few different ways you can ensure safe transport to your new home. 

  • Start by wrapping them in bubble wrap or paper to both protect the surface and cushion them against contact with items. 
  • Next, put them in a box and stuff the empty spaces full of more paper or bubble wrap so they can’t move around in the box. This might take up more moving boxes and packing supplies, but it will help to keep the overall efficiency of your move high. 
  • Your other option is to move each item individually, cradling them in your lap. This might ensure they remain safe, but it will take you forever to move. 

Sweet, Sweet Television

When it comes down to moving your television, there aren’t too many great options. Finding moving boxes for TVs is nearly impossible. There aren’t many moving boxes and packing supplies that will prove helpful while moving your TV. Your best bet is to wrap it in a packing blanket or bubble wrap and lay it on its back, or strap it to the sidewall of your moving truck. You will need to secure your TV in some way to prevent it from sliding or tipping over. The last thing you want is to get everything unpacked, finally sit down on your couch in your new spot, try to turn on your TV and realize its screen is cracked. That would truly be a massive bummer, so avoid it by taking care and packing the right way.

Moving In Minneapolis, Simplified

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