About Banana Box

Banana Box was created to make life easier. 

The owners have moved a lot in their lives, and they’ve found that securing cardboard boxes and other moving supplies is downright stressful, exhausting, and far from “a-peeling.” Not to mention the pain of cardboard boxes getting wet or even falling off the back of the truck (it has happened)! Banana Box solves all of these problems! 

Our Boxes and moving supplies are delivered directly to your door, and picked up at the scheduled time of your choosing. You won’t have to worry about storing them or wasting material afterwards. Everything is reusable, durable, water-resistant and stress-free. 

Banana Box makes moving a-peeling for when you’re ready to split!

Prefer to book over the phone? Call us!

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Our Banana Blog

When To (and Not To) Use a Wardrobe Moving Box

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Where Should You Move? Minneapolis: It’s Easy to Get Around

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