Can You Get Moving Boxes for Free?
May 31, 2023

Can You Get Moving Boxes for Free?

So you’re looking for free moving boxes, right? We’re not mad. We’re just glad you came to us. 

While it’s technically true that you can find moving boxes for free, you’re playing footsie with the devil. You know what happens when you play footsie with the devil? Ya toes get burnt. 

While experimenting with finding free moving boxes is normal and natural at your age, it’s important to know the risks. 

You Don’t Know Who Those Boxes Have Been With

When you purchase cardboard boxes for moving, you have the peace of mind that this box has only ever been with you. When your weird friend Gary gives you boxes he got from his friend Lorraine, you have no idea what’s been inside of them. 

What if Lorraine is a member of a drug cartel? What if the DEA is tracking those boxes? Now they’re with you. What are your neighbors going to say when SWAT descends on your place? What is your mother going to think? 

You Don’t Know What That Stain Is

You’re stalking the alley behind your local grocery store to find free moving boxes. “I’m a genius,” you say out loud to yourself. “This is exactly where to find large cardboard boxes for free.” 

You find some boxes, a little worse for wear but technically still boxes. 

But what’s that stain? Is that cranberry? Ragu? Human blood? Not only are you putting your belongings at risk by using a structurally unsound box, but you just put evidence in your home. You’re an accessory, pal. Hope you like stale bologna sandwiches. 

They Let Anyone on Facebook

Is getting free boxes worth meeting up with that stranger from Facebook Marketplace? They know you’re vulnerable; moving is an inherently vulnerable experience. There’s no guarantee that the profile they used can be linked to them in the event of your disappearance. 

You don’t want to be the subject of a Dateline Investigation. No matter how much of a zaddy Lester Holt may be. 

There’s No Such Thing as a Free Box

So yes; you can find moving boxes for free. But at what cost? You are loved. You matter. Protect yourself and your criminal record by obtaining boxes from a reputable dealer. 

Speaking of which, Banana Box delivers safe, sturdy moving boxes and supplies directly to your door. You have your pick of sanitized plastic boxes or never-before-tainted cardboard boxes. We offer a no-crime guarantee. 

Be safe. Be smart. Schedule your move with Banana Box online or over the phone at (612) 979-5137.