How To Meet Your New Neighbors (Non-Awkward Edition)
November 28, 2022

How To Meet Your New Neighbors (Non-Awkward Edition)

You’ve moved into your new home, hung pictures on your new walls, eaten cold pizza from your new fridge and peered through your new windows at the strange and mysterious humans who inhabit your new neighborhood. They’re your new neighbors; the people you may come to rely on for a cup of sugar, jumper cables or juicy gossip. 

Getting to know your neighbors is not only good for your health and happiness; it’s pretty much the foundation of all human civilization. But striking up a conversation with strangers (or in this case, new neighbors) can be awkward, so here are some helpful tips for easy introductions.

Lead With Validation

People crave validation. You crave validation. Your new neighbors crave validation. Introduce yourself to your new neighbors by paying them a compliment. Do they garden? Next time you see them out there, tell them how great their garden is. Do they have a cute patio set up? Tell them! When they say “thank you,” you can say “My name is [your name], and I just moved in [general direction of your home].” 

Ask For Advice

Can’t think of anything to compliment? That’s okay. The second best way to validate someone is by making them feel needed and useful. You’re new to the neighborhood, so it’s not awkward at all to ask your new neighbors where you should shop, workout, fill up your gas or fulfill other basic needs. Even if you already know these things, they don’t have to know that. This is simply a chance to get to know the people you’ll be counting on to call the fire department if your furnace blows. 

Use Your Pet as a Conversation Starter

Do you have a pet? Can you borrow one? People are more likely to meet their neighbors if they’re accompanied by a pet, as long as it’s a dog and not a lizard. If you see a neighbor walking a dog, this is also a great chance to start a conversation. Scoping out all of the pet lovers in your neighborhood could also be beneficial when you need a pet sitter for trips!

If you hate pets, you might have a neighbor who feels the same way! You can usually find out who hates pets by joining a neighborhood community page on Facebook or Nextdoor.

Join a Neighborhood Community Page

Most neighborhoods these days have a neighborhood community page that you can join. Facebook neighborhood pages and Nextdoor allow you to introduce yourself to people in your neighborhood without having to step outside your door or navigate direct personal interaction in a post-pandemic world. 

These groups are especially helpful in identifying the neighbors you absolutely have no desire to ever speak to, which is instrumental in avoiding awkward situations. 

Actually Go Outside

Actually going outside maximizes your chances to introduce yourself to your neighbors, assuming they’re outside also. Go for a walk around the neighborhood (bonus if you bring your pet), sit on your porch or spend time in your yard or garden. Bravely say “hello” to people you encounter, and you could be introducing yourself to a good neighbor.

Use Amenities or Local Parks To Interact

Whether you live in a house or apartment, there are areas surrounding your home with common places that your neighbors might also use. Maybe you have shared amenities such as a pool, gym, playground or dog park that are teaming with neighbors, ripe for the meeting. If you’re a homeowner, you may have a local park or trails to walk that will put you in position to interact with tons of potential neighbors.

These are also places where people often meet actual friends, or fall in love. Imagine if you fall in love with your neighbor! What a story!

Use Your Children To Your Advantage

If you have children, you have probably already leveraged them to get discounted meals or cancel plans. You can also use them to make friends with other parents in your neighborhood, while simultaneously giving them an opportunity to make friends of their own.Your kids most likely had neighborhood friends they played with before moving and are probably wondering who they will play with at their new home. If you notice there are neighbors who have children close in age to yours, introduce them. 

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