Moving in the Winter? Here’s How To Make It Better
December 2, 2022

Moving in the Winter? Here’s How To Make It Better

When you think of moving, you likely imagine the packing and cleaning that is needed as you get ready to start a new chapter in your life. Making moving in winter totally rule is impossible but what if we could make it easier? What if there were Minneapolis moving companies who offered plastic moving boxes along with all of the moving supplies you could possibly need. 

Well, “companies” may be a stretch but there is one that stands tall. A bright yellow beacon that shines over the City of Lakes to provide moving supplies and plastic moving boxes to all of the good people of our fair city who find themselves needing to pack up and head to a new neighborhood. So how does it work?

Here’s How It Works

You’re moving. There’s a foot of snow and a high of 20 degrees. You hear about an amazing company of forward thinkers who already dreamed up this scenario and came up with a solution ready for you. So what do you do? The first step is to start by taking stock of everything you plan to move. Now decide what needs to be packed in a box in each room of your current living space. You may find that you will need some larger boxes for some rooms while smaller boxes will suffice for others. Maybe you’ll need some recycled paper to wrap your fragile items. A roll of bubble wrap to wrap some appliances in. Make a list of all the moving supplies you will need and how many plastic moving boxes you will need. 

Once you know all of this, contact the Minneapolis moving company that will come through with the bright yellow boxes to save the day. Our plastic boxes will keep all of your belongings — including trinkets and keepsakes — safe, secure and dry throughout your move. 

You can place an order with Banana Box either online or over the phone and we can arrive that same day. Or not, up to you. We can schedule as far in advance as you need. Reach out today and let Banana Box help you make your winter move a smooth one.