How to Keep it Together When the Moving Company Near You Sends Hotties.
October 18, 2022

How to Keep it Together When the Moving Company Near You Sends Hotties.

You did everything right. You rented your moving boxes early and hired a great local moving company with plenty of lead time. You packed, you stacked and you prepped your soon-to-be-ex-refrigerator with water and healthy snacks. Your movers arrive on time and ready to haul, but the unthinkable has happened: Your movers are complete and utter hotties with bodies and you have a crush on all of them. 

Here’s the deal, cupid. These people are here to do their job, and they don’t need you slowing them down or ruining their day by creating a hostile work environment. If it’s meant to be, you’ll meet your hot mover again someday in a context amenable to sowing the seeds of love. In the meantime, follow these tips to keep things safe and professional. 

  • Keep Things Focused on The Move

Moving day is busy and there’s plenty to focus on outside of your hot movers’ rippling muscles or chiseled jawlines. Renting plastic moving boxes is a great way to keep the move flowing smoothly, so there are fewer opportunities to make inappropriate attempts at flirting. Instead, you’ll be able to discuss the ergonomic benefits of plastic moving boxes, the eco-friendly benefits of plastic moving boxes and other plastic moving box-related subjects that have nothing to do with falling in love. Other suggested conversation topics include: 

  • Dis-assembling and reassembling furniture
  • How to handle fragile items
  • Carrying large items to the dumpster
  • Your movers’ spouses and children

WikiHow offers convenient illustrated advice for avoiding flirtation. Look it over before your movers arrive, just in case they turn out to be specimens of physical perfection. 

  • Work Up a Sweat

Your body is home to trillions of bacteria who love to nosh your sweat, converting it into airborne stank. If your local moving company sends hot movers, excuse yourself to rinse off your antiperspirant and then get to work. Get ahead of your move-out cleaning with vigorous scrubbing to get those sweat glands pumping, then help carry stuff to spread the smell. Your gorgeous movers will want to maintain their distance, and frankly you will, too.

An additional benefit of sweating away any possibility of inappropriate workplace interaction is that it’ll save time and money by speeding up the moving process. 

  • If All Else Fails, Hide in a Large Moving Box

If you simply lack the personal discipline to maintain a professional environment for your aesthetically ideal movers, then it’s time to hide. Write “do not move” on a large moving box and cram yourself inside of it. It may be uncomfortable, but that’s the price you have to pay for being unable to control yourself around the babes employed by the moving company near you. Keep your phone with you in case your super hot movers have any important questions to ask. 

The shame you feel while hiding in a large moving box may teach you an important lesson about the importance of maintaining professionalism. 

Keep it Together on Moving Day with Banana Box

Banana Box rents durable plastic moving boxes to make Twin Cities moves a breeze. With all the packing materials you need, we are here to empower great moving experiences. We deliver our boxes directly to you and pick them up with fast, friendly service that leaves no time for you to hit on us. 

Banana boxes are designed with handles to maximize ease and efficiency, so your movers can work quickly and comfortably; and, our large moving boxes offer 4.0 cubic feet of hiding space. 

We can even recommend great moving companies near you, as long as you promise not to hit on them. Your time for love will come, we promise. Just not on moving day. 

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