Hot Tips For Avoiding Heat Stroke During Your Summer Move
July 18, 2022

Hot Tips For Avoiding Heat Stroke During Your Summer Move

The sun is a 4.5 billion year-old yellow dwarf star without which we would cease to exist. The sun is also an oppressive ruler that won’t let us look directly at it, and threatens us with a host of punishments for staying too long in its presence. We are unwitting members of the sun’s cult, known as “summer”. The crisp, refreshing lakes and bounty of flora keep us tied to the sun’s summer dogma, and all the while it cooks us from above. The sun preys on the vulnerable: those taking certain medications, babies, the elderly, and people engaging in strenuous activities, like moving. 

We have not yet learned how to defeat the unrelenting Star King who feasts upon the flesh of those who dare defy its power, but we do have helpful summer moving tips that can keep you from succumbing to heat stroke while transferring your belongings from one shelter to another. Read them now, in a righteous act of resistance. 

Prepare Your Body. Prepare Your Rations.

Make no mistake, moving homes in the summer is a battle for which you must prepare. If you’ve been spending time in the cool embrace of air conditioning, a day in high temperatures can shock your system with or without the added physical exertion. Spend periods of time without the AC to help acclimate your body to the conditions you’ll be experiencing. Set aside a moving day outfit that is loose fitting, lightweight, lightly colored and includes a brimmed hat. On the morning of your move, wash and dry your body. Slather it with an SPF of at least 35, rendering it unpalatable to the tyrant sun. Don your moving attire and consume a gentle breakfast. Drink water. Stock both your old fridge and new with rations of water for yourself and your moving compatriots.

Start Early and Take Breaks 

To achieve victory, one must know their enemy’s weakness. The sun is at its highest point at around noon. During this time its radiation is strongest and its rays their most direct, giving it the power to burn you faster. But the sun isn’t finished when lunch is over. On the contrary, the temperature continues to rise into the afternoon, peaking between 3 and 4:30 pm. Fool the sun by starting your moving day earlier in the morning or later into the day after the sun has reached its fever pitch. Take breaks throughout the process, even if you think you can keep going. Don’t be a martyr. Stand in front of a fan. Walk into a cold shower. Drink the water you remembered to put in your refrigerator. Breaks are especially important if you cannot avoid the sun’s most violent hours. 

Get Help

Lugging boxes of your belongings is hard work, even when you’re using premium plastic moving boxes from a highly-rated local company. Since strenuous activity is a key risk factor for heat stroke and exhaustion, it’s a good idea to rally the troops and disperse the workload. This will facilitate a faster moving time with ample rest breaks. A highly effective moving tip for the summer is Googling “moving companies near me” and enlisting the help of professionals who are strong of body and spirit and used to summer moves. 

If you, your friends or the team sent by the moving company near you experience dizziness, confusion or other symptoms of heat stroke, it’s time to go to the doctor. 

Make Your Summer Move with Banana Box

Banana Box doesn’t just want you to survive your move with helpful summer moving tips; we want you to feel as though it was the chillest move of your life, even if it’s hot out. We cut unnecessary exertion out of the equation by delivering plastic moving boxes and packing supplies directly to your home. With locking lids and sturdy bottoms, our plastic boxes are easier to load, lift and carry than cardboard moving boxes. Totally waterproof, a spare Banana Box can easily serve as a cooler or ice bath for heat relief throughout your move. We can even help spare you that “moving companies near me” Google search by connecting you with vetted local movers that fit your budget. 

Emerge victorious in your summer moving battle against the sun. Book your move with Banana Box today.