How To Pack Glass Safely
July 12, 2022

How To Pack Glass Safely

When preparing for a move, the trickiest part of the house to pack is the kitchen. The kitchen is home to many fragile items, from dishes to glassware, so it is important to take caution when packing these items–that is if you don’t want any of them to be broken by the end of your move. 

Read on to learn a few simple steps you can follow when packing glassware to ensure each one arrives at their new home in one piece. 

Prep Your Boxes

Making sure glass pieces are safely packed for your move is pretty important. It is not fun when you get to your new home just to find out that some of your glasses broke during the move. The first step to avoid this situation is to prepare your box for packing. We recommend using a small or medium sized box along with packing paper. To start, you will want to add some padding at the bottom of the box using packing paper. The goal is to make a cushion for the glassware in case the box takes a tumble. You can ball up the paper to make about 3-4 inches of cushion. Crumpled/balled up paper is best as it provides more shock-absorbing benefits.  

Wrap Glass Pieces

There are a few different ways to pack glass pieces. The way glasses are wrapped are dependent on the type of glass piece you are packing. Fine china and fragile sentimental pieces can be wrapped in bubble wrap for extra protection but everything else can be safely wrapped in packing paper. When wrapping glass pieces, it is best to wrap each piece individually (with more than one piece of packing paper) to lessen the chance of broken pieces. To safely wrap bowls, place the corner of one sheet of packing paper inside the bowl, then crumple the packing paper around the rest of the bowl. Repeat with another piece of packing paper. 

Cups, glasses and stemware are packed the same way that the bowls are packed. You put some packing paper inside the cup, then wrap the rest around the glass cup. You can gently add a little more packing paper inside the cups/glasses/stemware for more cushion. Be sure to wrap the stems/handles with wrapping paper as well. To wrap plates and other flat dishes, you will want to place the plate in the middle of a piece of packing paper, and fold the corners over the top of the plate to securely wrap it.  

The key to safely packing glass is to have lots of packing paper at the top and bottom of the box with each glass piece individually wrapped in packing paper. 

Pack It All Up

So, you have already prepped your box with packing paper and you have individually wrapped your glass pieces. Now it is time to safely pack them in the box! The best way to pack glass pieces is to set them in the box upright (glass pieces are more likely to break when packed flat) and place packing paper in between the gaps–if there are any. Start with the heaviest items first, such as plates or glass serving trays. Place them vertically at the bottom of the box with more packing paper in between each plate (the plates will stay in place as they will be supporting each other). Add a layer of crumpled packing paper on the top of the plates once finished. 

Next we pack the bowls. Again, place the bowls on their side (upright) and add a layer of packing paper on the top when finished. Lastly, we pack cups/glasses/stemware. These should also be packed vertically (facing down). If nothing else can fit in the box, add one last layer of crumbled packing paper at the top. Be sure to check the box by moving it a little or gently shake it. If you hear any movement, add more crumples of packing paper before closing the box. You can never use too much packing paper. Remember, packing paper is recyclable! 

Safely Pack Your Glasses with Banana Box

These simple steps will save your glassware during the move. Banana Box has all of the materials you need to safely pack your glassware. From boxes to packing paper, we got your back! The best part is that these materials will be delivered to your home for FREE. You can find more packing materials, and book your next move, by visiting our website