Where Should You Move? Minneapolis: It’s Easy to Get Around
September 8, 2022

Where Should You Move? Minneapolis: It’s Easy to Get Around

You can work anywhere. You can live anywhere. You beckon the wisdom of the glowing sage we call Google. You ask them, “Google, where should I move?” This very blog appears. You click it. Weird – everything you’ve just read is exactly what’s happening to you. “If they’ve gotten this much right,” you’re currently thinking, “they must be right about why I should move to Minneapolis.”

There are a million reasons why you should move to Minneapolis, like the record low unemployment rate, the great public art and the mouth-shattering 26 times the Twin Cities has been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. How easy it is to get around here makes all the other great things possible. 

Keep ready to learn why you should move where moving is hassle-free. 

A person, who is unsure where to move, rides their bike in downtown Minneapolis.

Minneapolis Is Walkable and Bikeable AF

Minneapolis is one of the most walkable cities in the US, with scores of walking paths and neighborhoods stocked with shops, cafes and restaurants. Even in the cold months, it’s easy to get around on foot thanks to the ready availability of boots, which are exempt from sales tax, and our famous Skyway, which connects 80 city blocks with 9.5 miles of enclosed bridges. 

Minneapolis isn’t just one of the most walkable cities in the US – it’s also super bikeable. Our city’s year round and seasonal bikers enjoy 34 miles of dedicated bike paths, some taking advantage of Minneapolis’s Nice Ride bike sharing program. This means the city is full of sculpted calves. And let’s be real, everyone appreciates a toned back-of-the-lower-leg. 

If you are wondering "Where should I move?", consider Minneapolis as pictured here.

Minneapolis Is Driveable AF

While walking and biking are especially popular in Minneapolis, automobile drivers will be happy to know that the city is also car-friendly. The 61% of our residents who drive to work enjoy a commute that’s almost 4 minutes shorter than the national average

While you’re driving you can listen to The Current, a publicly supported radio station that helps even old people keep up with new, interesting music. 

A person, who is unsure where to move, rides the city bus in downtown Minneapolis.

Minneapolis Is Public Transportationable AF

What’s cheap, easy and there when you need it? Not your ex. Not White Castle. Public transportation. Minneapolis Public Transit connects residents to the world outside their apartments with buses and trains that will leave you saying, “wow no pee!” which is more than New Yorkers can say

The Light Rail will even take you to flavortown – Guy Fieri’s Flavortown Kitchen, that is, located in the world-famous Mall of America. 

Move Easy in Minneapolis With Banana Box

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