3 Tips To Packing Hangers (They Are So Annoying!)
April 12, 2023

3 Tips To Packing Hangers (They Are So Annoying!)

I want to share a story with you that I came across one day and cannot stop thinking about. 

Inside a closet was a hanger named Patrick, who lived with 50 million other hangers. Patrick the hanger lived his entire life inside the overstuffed closet and longed to see what else was out there. One day, he noticed a vent that he could squeeze through, but he got stuck halfway through! Suddenly, there was a mass exodus of hangers as they left the closet, and a creepy little girl with wide eyes stared at Patrick. All she said was “hi” and stared. 

Because Patrick was stuck, he had to sit there and suffer through the creepiness for eternity. He regretted wanting to leave. 

(That’s it. That’s the story.)

Save your hangers from the creepy little girls of the world. When you’re getting ready to move and need to start packing clothes, make sure you know how to pack hangers, as well. Check your vents and dark closet spaces to ensure Patrick (or whatever your hangers’ names are) won’t be left behind. 

Use a Wardrobe Box

A wardrobe box is your best friend when packing clothes to move. These tall bois are sturdy and practically built to hold hangers — there’s even a rod coincidentally built at the top, so you can pack anything you have that’s just… hanging around. Unless you are living a certain, well, minimalist lifestyle, you’re going to need to find a solution when you’re wondering how to pack hangers and hang clothes. 

There is always the classic suitcase packing method, but your nice hanging clothes deserve better. They deserve the quality care and protection made possible by a wardrobe box. Even if you have 50 million hangers, you can just get a couple and hang them on the rod, or stack your hangers in the wardrobe box and transport them without worry. 

Tie Them Up

Need to know how to pack hangers so they’re not just flying around loose in a wardrobe box? Try tying them up, you silly goose! This tip is perfect for any method of packing your hangers up, whether you’re using boxes, bags or just going for it with exposed, unpacked hangers. 

Using a string, rubber band, piece of yarn, rope, chains, zip ties, packing tape, old cables, or other binding materials, keep your hangers nice and secure for your move. This tip pairs nicely with packing clothes; you can keep your hanging clothes on their hangers and put them in a wardrobe box or a bag. This will help you condense your clothes and have more room for even more clothes. 

Pack a Hanger Box

You’ve got moving boxes for dishes, books, and knick-knacks. Why not grab a moving box for hangers, too? We highly recommend a wardrobe box for hangers, but even a plastic moving bin would do the trick, too. They’re sturdy, reusable, and definitely don’t contain a creepy girl waiting to stare at your hangers. 

With a dedicated hanger box, you’ll know exactly where all your hangers are during your move. Tying them together before putting them in a bin will stop them from shifting around so much, too. 

Who said these tips had to be mutually exclusive? 

How to Pack Hangers the Easy Way

Hangers are so annoying. They get tangled way too easily and break under the slightest amount of pressure (same, though). When you’re packing clothes and need to figure out what the heck to do with your hangers, choose a moving solution that makes sense. 

Banana Box gets it. Hangers are your clothes’ best friend but your mortal enemy (at least when you’re moving). When you buy a wardrobe box or rent plastic moving bins from us for your move, we guarantee that you will have fewer creepy girls staring at your hangers than if you just tried moving them on your own. 

Request plastic moving bins or a wardrobe box for your hangers and clothes from Banana Box. We can’t wait to hang.