Moving Tips To Make You Feel Like Part of the Solution
April 17, 2023

Moving Tips To Make You Feel Like Part of the Solution

Americans move a lot. Like a lot a lot. And as The Atlantic’s Adam Chandler, not to be confused with Adam Sandler, points out: that is not your fault! Moving is already stressful and since it generates a lot of waste, it can also leave you feeling personally responsible for climate change. 

You deserve to feel as good as possible when you move, so here are some eco-friendly moving tips to alleviate the stress of moving. 

Rent Reusable Moving Boxes

When a community shares plastic moving boxes, renting them from a trusted local company, and reusing them for moving throughout the area – that’s being part of the solution. Do they give out Nobel prizes for that? They should. 

Renting reusable moving boxes keeps the waste down and the good vibes up. When you pull up to your new place with your rented boxes, your neighbors will notice. They’ll say “There goes my hero” while they watch you as you go. 

Use Recycled Packing Paper

Keep your breakables safe by wrapping them in recycled packing paper. When you unpack, gaze at your favorite mug and say “You’re welcome. I packed you in recycled packing paper because I am part of the solution. When you’re done, you can turn that recycled packing paper into MORE PAPER.

Reduce That Waste

Moving is messy, we know that. It’s going to generate some trash. But it doesn’t have to generate SO much garbage. Don’t throw things away that you could donate, sell or recycle. If you don’t want to bring half-empty cleaning supplies to your new place, don’t throw them away. Just leave them for the next tenant. 

Each time you head to the donation drop off or the recycling bin, you can smile that smile that says, “I am not just PART of the solution. I AM the solution.” 

Find Your “Part of the Solution” Move

Think an easy and eco-friendly move can’t exist? WRONG. It can, and it does. Get everything you need for a seamless moving experience, minus the climate guilt. 

Get in touch today to request recyclable cardboard or reusable plastic moving boxes plus all the moving supplies you need.