How Much Weight Should You Put In Your Moving Boxes?
April 5, 2023

How Much Weight Should You Put In Your Moving Boxes?

Unless you’re hiring old-timey bodybuilders from the 1900s to help you move, you’re going to need to focus on the weight of your moving boxes. Or, alternatively, you could take on an extensive strength training program and get absolutely ripped before moving. 

The choice is yours. 

Obviously you’ve been meaning to work out. But if you don’t have time to throw together a quick training montage, you might be better off making your cardboard box weight a little lighter. Knowing the right weight for moving bins is important for an easy move, but we can’t tell you the answer in the opening of this blog, or you won’t read the rest! (And we have some good jokes coming up, so stick around and read on to learn what the ideal weight for plastic moving bins and other moving boxes is.)

What’s an Ideal Cardboard Box Weight?

ANSWER REVEAL! The short answer for an ideal cardboard box weight is right around 30 pounds or less

(Please keep reading, we worked so hard doing the research needed to write this blog. There are more answers and tips to follow. We promise!) 

Cardboard boxes are like this guy; they’re a bit flimsier than heavy duty moving boxes, and they can’t withstand as much weight. Cardboard boxes can be good for moving if you have a lot of light stuff, but you should reserve these boxes for less valuable items that aren’t as fragile as your more valuable, more fragile items. 

Keep in mind that the heavier your boxes are, the harder it will be to lift them. And cardboard boxes quickly become heavy without too much stuff packed inside. 

Pack cardboard moving boxes with lightweight items or a few medium-weight items. You’ll find that moving them is easier and lighter, plus you can pretend they’re super heavy and really haul ass and make it look like you’re just going HAM on moving day

What About Plastic Moving Bins? 


(I am once again asking that you keep reading after this. The longer you read, the more money I’ll have to feed my family. There are so many more tips and jokes to come. Speaking of my family, my wife is looking at me expecting me to start making dinner soon but I kind of forgot it was my night to cook so I’m pretending that I’m working on something really important when in reality, I just linked to the Wikipedia entry for donkeys so, like, please make this worth my time.)

The ideal weight for plastic moving bins is around 50 pounds or less. Heavy duty moving boxes are going to be naturally heavier than the cardboard box weight, so you don’t want to overload these babies either, even though you can. Plastic moving bins are sturdier and more protective than cardboard boxes, giving you a sort of shell around the turtle body that are your fragile items. 

You may be tempted to really pack in your big, heavy duty moving boxes with a lot of heavy stuff. We’re here to say: don’t. 

Again, big, plastic moving bins are going to be already a little heavier on their own. Use them to pack heavy items, but don’t overdo it. Too many heavy items will quickly move you past the 50 pound mark and will make moving that box much more difficult — even for world-famous bodybuilder Louis Cyr. Distribute the weight of your belongings evenly across heavy duty moving boxes and keep you and your movers happy!

Tips for Keeping Your Boxes Light

Whether you are focusing on cardboard box weight or need tips for the weight of plastic moving bins, you can apply these packing tips to keep each box light and easy to move. 

  • Distribute your heavy stuff across multiple boxes. (We get it, you have a lot of books. Split them up and put them in a bunch of different bins to make each one only a little bit heavy.) 
  • Pack heavy stuff on the bottom of the bin, and ensure you have a low center of gravity to prevent unnecessary tipping or breaking. 
  • Add light stuff on top of your heavy stuff. This can add protection as well as minimize unused negative space. Throw pillows, clothes, coats or your feather collection on top of your heavy, breakable stuff. 
  • Save smaller, heavy duty moving boxes for heavy stuff. Big boxes are already heavy, but smaller boxes are a bit lighter. Pack heavy belongings in small, lightweight (but still sturdy) boxes.

Don’t Weight, Move With Ease

Okay, I gotta get it off my chest. Despite what you may be thinking, I’m actually not paid based on the amount of time you spend reading this blog. But maybe the real money was the jokes we shared along the way. Aren’t you glad you stayed? 

Moving heavy items is exhausting without the right tips — and especially without the right moving boxes. Heavy duty moving boxes make moving heavy stuff easier. You’ll hardly know you’re carrying up to 50 pounds of stuff when you’re moving with the right kind of boxes!

Banana Box was made for people who aren’t old-timey bodybuilders. If you need cardboard or plastic moving bins for your next move and want to make sure each one isn’t too heavy, request boxes today. Me and a team member or two will show up at your door with bins and smiles on our faces, which will promptly transfer to your own face when you realize how easy moving with our plastic reusable boxes is! 

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