How to Pick a Roommate You Don’t Want to Kill and Who Won’t Kill You
December 14, 2021

How to Pick a Roommate You Don’t Want to Kill and Who Won’t Kill You

Whether they’re friends, strangers or your parents, roommates can be a challenge. In fact, 100% of roommates are considered annoying at least once during the duration of the time they’re living with others. That means you yourself have driven someone slowly toward the abyss of madness simply by being yourself. While annoying and being annoyed by roommates is a fundamental human inevitability, there are ways to help prevent that annoyance from crossing over into homicidal rage. Banana Box is dedicated to making moving more “a-peeling,” and that starts with the people we’re moving in with. So follow our simple tips for choosing the right roommate. 

1. Align Your Cleaning Expectations

The biggest source of roommate conflict is cleaning. When choosing a roommate, you should seek someone who has a similar tolerance for mess and motivation for cleaning. This can be tricky because all messy people lie about being messy and all clean people pretend to be significantly chiller than they are. The trick is choosing a cleanly-compatible roommate is to assume that anyone who claims to be clean is actually a messy person lying. If you’re a clean person, accept that you will have to do all the work to maintain the cleanliness of your home, and that at least you’re not paying full rent. If you’re a messy person you’re set. Just make sure to keep things clean enough that you won’t get evicted. Moving again is the last thing you need. 

2. Align Your Politics

The country is more divided than ever and we once had a full on civil war. You may think that reaching across the aisle to choose your roommate will be an opportunity to educate them, bring them into the fold, and engage in a meaningful conversation that will teach each of you about the others’ perspective and undo the harm brought on by the heightened political tribalism of the late 20th century that permeates our culture to this day. The conversation won’t go well and you’re better off living in the comfort of an echo chamber while we wait for the last pillars of society to crumble. Before moving in with a roommate, make sure your values and opinions on key issues align. 

3. Align Your Astrology

Astrology has risen once again to prominence as a demoralized populace comes to grips with the fallibility of their governments, economic systems, and organized religions. The thing about astrology is that at best it’s 100% accurate and at worst, it’s freaky-deaky. The universe is vast and our brains are tiny, so it kind of makes sense that these massive energy balls in the ever-expanding universe would impact us as we journey out of the womb and into a cold and unforgiving world. Before moving in with someone, ask any potential roommate for their sun, moon and ascending signs and google “best astrology sites” to determine astrological compatibility. 

Make Your Move with Banana Box

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