The Ultimate Guide To Moving: a Beginners Checklist
June 30, 2021

The Ultimate Guide To Moving: a Beginners Checklist

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by the process of moving. That’s why Banana Box has compiled this simple guide for first-time movers, first-time-in-a-while movers, and people who just stink at moving.

Start by Sorting

Moving isn’t just about leaving one home to live in another. It’s about looking deep within your soul and asking, “am I ever going to wear this Rod Stewart wig again?” Sort your belongings into three categories: one for donations, one for the trash, and one for the things you’re keeping (like said Rod Stewart wig).

Donating items that are in good condition is an eco-friendly way to give back to your community. When throwing items away make sure to see if anything is recyclable or requires special disposal methods – like that drawer full of mostly dead batteries in your kitchen.

STEP ONE: Logisticize Early

Once you know what you’re keeping, you’ll know how many Banana Boxes to request. We offer small, medium, and large boxes and bundles to fit your moving needs. Whether you’re moving out of your mom’s basement, your ex-wife’s mansion, or anything in between – we’ve got you covered.

You may also need to book a moving company or bribe some friends with pizza. If you need recommendations for movers, we’re happy to help. Unfortunately you’re on your own when it comes to friends.

STEP TWO: Pack by Room

One of the most important parts of packing is unpacking. Future you will thank you for making their moving day easier by keeping things organized by room. Banana Box will also hook you up with a free dry erase marker so you can clearly label your boxes: Bedroom, Dining Room, Makeout Closet, etc.

STEP THREE: Pack Smartly-er

Put heavy stuff at the bottom of your boxes, and make sure your breakables are protected. Banana Box offers packing supplies to help all your items arrive in one piece. If you have essential items — such as medicine, inhalers, or Harry Belefonte albums — keep those with you.

Order Banana Box to Make Your Move a Smoothie

Moving for the first time is a big deal.Partnering with Banana Box means you are taking a big step towards making your move stress-free and a-peeling. With free delivery and pickup, we’ve taken one more thing off your plate, giving you time to stand in the empty space you once called home and think back fondly on the times you had… Or plot your revenge. Whichever is more appropriate for you. Either way, book your boxes today at!