Affordable Moving Tips
June 25, 2021

Affordable Moving Tips

Moving on a budget is easier said than done, but Banana Box is here to help! We outlined a number of moving and packing tips that will help you save money on your next journey. Learn how to pack efficiently with your moving boxes while conserving expensive moving supplies. Let’s get into it!


Trying to move on a budget? We have been there! Finding ways to save money in your upcoming move boils down to more than just buying less moving supplies (although that does help). Implementing a strategic packing system and even buying the right moving boxes all contributes to saving you money and time when you are relocating.

Keep It Simple!

This may seem like an obvious moving tip, but keeping your move simple is a key driver in saving money. Too often people make too many trips back and forth or fail to pack moving boxes to their full capacity. Spending even just a few extra minutes to simplify your move can save you hundreds of dollars. Here are a few examples:

  • Max Out Your Moving Boxes – Fill those boxes up! Even if they are filled to the brim, maxing out your moving box capacity will save you time and money because you will make fewer trips and buy less boxes and moving supplies. Fill that puppy up!
  • Build A Moving Supply Budget – Take the time to build a moving budget. The budget should outline how many moving boxes, tape guns, packing paper, etc. you need for your move. The budget helps you stay on track when shopping for moving supplies and reduces extra spending.
  • Fill A Car or Moving Truck Completely – Probably the most basic and simple of all the moving tips, but the one that is most often forgotten, especially when you are moving short distances. Filling your moving vehicle up as much as possible will save you a fortune on gas and time by reducing your trips back and forth.

Padding Is Everywhere!

One of the largest costs associated with moving is the potential for broken items. This is difficult to budget for and, even though it is not an “every-move” occurrence, finding ways to avoid damage to items is critical. Packing paper is one of the best moving supplies, but a sound moving tip is to use towels and excess clothing to pack fragile items in boxes. Almost every person has older towels and clothes they use less frequently and we highly recommend using them to wrap glass and other delicate items when moving. The average person will spend $50-$100 on packing material alone so using your own towels and clothes can save you quite a bit! Here are a few other packing tips:

  • Towel/pillow layers – Use towels and pillows to layer valuables in boxes. This helps you put more delicates in one box while keeping them protected.
  • Mind Your Packing Tips – Items that are pointed or have some sort of tip on them often fit well together with similar items if they are placed in opposite directions. Shoes, vases, and even electronics can fit together when you arrange their various points and tips.
  • Coffee Handles In – When packing coffee mugs, face the handles in, not towards the wall of any moving box. When you pick up a moving box, the walls of the box will contract, breaking delicates that are pushed up against them.

Use Plastic

The greatest of all the moving tips: use plastic boxes. Plastic is preferable because it protects your items from water and dirt, but it also reduces the risk of them falling over and getting crushed. Plastic boxes cut down dramatically on the cost of buying moving supplies because you do not need tape or nearly as much packing material. Utilizing a plastic moving box solution is arguably the biggest cost saver, as it can help you cut out $150-$400+ from your move!

Make Your Move With Banana Box

Do you have any packing tips? We would love to hear them when we drop off boxes for your move. Partnering with Banana Box means you are taking a big step towards making your move stress-fee and more a-peeling. Each box size is designed to fit your needs and we have created custom packages to align with your current space. What else is great about Banana Box? Free delivery and pickup! Book your boxes today at