The Telltale Signs That It’s Time To Move
August 3, 2021

The Telltale Signs That It’s Time To Move

We get it. No one likes moving, except for maybe the nomadic Sámi tribes of modern day Scandinavia. Moving is a lot of work. You have to find a place, pack your stuff, bribe your friends with pizza to help you lift the couch, and convince your landlord that the hole in the wall was there when you moved in. But not wanting to move shouldn’t be a reason to stay in place somewhere that just isn’t working out anymore. Moving is like Taco Bell, the bathroom, and your in-laws’ house – when you gotta go, you gotta go. Keep reading to discover the telltale signs that you need to move. 

Your Neighbor Won’t Stop Playing “Wonderwall”

The walls of your apartment are paper thin, and you’ve been dealing with your neighbor’s breakup from Samantha for the last six months. For 18 hours a day, he plays “Wonderwall” but he’s not playing the recording of Oasis’s 1995 smash hit. He’s banging it out on a guitar he picked up on Craigslist after Samantha left him for a musician who’s lowkey Instagram famous. And every time he gets to the word “you” he replaces it with “Samantha.” Do the math. There are 3 syllables in “Samantha” (more when you’re crying) and there is one syllable in “you.” The word “you” appears 24 times in “Wonderwall.” You have to move. 

Your Roommate Made A Person Out of Takeout

There’s been a weird smell in your apartment for a while, but you’ve been letting it go. Then one day you try to be a good roommate by closing their bedroom door during a rainstorm, only to discover that they’ve built an intimacy scarecrow out of old Lo Mein. We don’t want to yuck anyone’s yum, but when it comes to roommate etiquette, no one should be making life-sized perishable dummies without proper refrigeration. If your roommate is making a boyfriend out of old pizza, guess what. You have to move. 

Your Oven Doesn’t Turn Off

Why won’t this oven go off? I get pilot lights, but this is next-level. The stove top is hot to the touch. I just wanted to soften some butter to make cookies. I turn away. Three seconds later – bam – fully melted butter goes into the oven which will almost certainly result in a catastrophic fire. You have to move. 

You Live Next Door to a Cult

At first the matching outfits and melodious chanting was charming, but you’re one 3AM Moonlight Loyalty Dance away from losing your mind. They keep inviting you to Enter The Enlightenment Of Guru Dave, and after your third polite refusal, you find a dead bird in your mailbox. Every night you have to triple check the locks and you’ve started making your goldfish test your meals for poison. Now your goldfish is dead, maybe from poison or maybe goldfish just aren’t supposed to eat chicken tendies, but either way: You have to move. 

The Space No Longer Serves You

Maybe you’ve loved living here, but you’re ready for something different. Maybe you’ve found love (stop bragging), maybe your family is growing (congratulations) or maybe you’re finally ready to get out of your parents’ place (there’s no shame in moving back in with your parents after their generation destroyed the millennial job market). When you’re ready to go, there’s no point in putting it off. You deserve a home that feels like home, so you have to move!

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