The Official Banana Box Summer Moving Style Guide
June 1, 2022

The Official Banana Box Summer Moving Style Guide

Allegedly, Minneapolis’s warm season lasts longer than our cold season.

So-called facts like this don’t make summer in Minneapolis feel any less precious to those whose summer wardrobes lay dormant for a seeming eternity while unending ice blasts decimate their will to live. Having to use some of these invaluable days of blissful sunshine for moving seems cruel, but alas summer is Minneapolis moving season and those boxes aren’t going to move themselves. If you’re moving this summer, don’t lament the loss of your brief time to shine. Instead, make it an opportunity to shine brighter. 

We at Banana Box don’t just brighten your move with brilliant yellow plastic moving boxes, but with keen advice to make you the star of your moving experience. Summer is hot, but moving can be even hotter with our summer style guide

1. Serve Style in Movement Clothes

As any former theatre major languishing in student debt for a degree that no one ever should have allowed them to get can tell you, movement clothes are an essential part of your wardrobe. This is especially true for moving. Like, it’s literally in the name. When gathering moving supplies, put movement clothes at the top of your list. Many people opt for leggings, full leg pants or basketball shorts – but this is a mistake. One snag in a basketball short and your business is out for the world to see. Instead opt for denim cut-off shorts, loose enough and long enough to maximize bending and stretching. For moving, we recommend a mid to high-rise short. Pair this with a vintage t-shirt. You’ll look cool and feel cool as the gentle summer breeze dances through the time-worn cotton. Complete your look with a fanny pack to make keys, snacks and other moving day essentials easily accessible. 

2. Choose Shoes That Say “My Eyes Are Up Here.” 

Moving involves a lot of time on your feet and going up and down stairs with visibility restricted by moving boxes. These are prime conditions for unsightly blisters and month-ruining ankle injuries. Choose a lace-up boot with cushioned sole to support your feet and ankles, like those created by Dr. Klaus Maertens while he was famously recovering from either a war injury or an ankle sprain sustained while skiing in the Bavarian Alps. Stylish work boots are readily available throughout Minnesota because that’s our vibe. Just be sure to break in your boots prior to moving day. A solid boot choice won’t just make your move safer, it’ll make passersby say, “Wow that person is a cool person with good style. Am I… in love?”

3. Bring the Color 

No summer style guide would be complete without some comments on color, and this one is no different. Moving can make you feel detached from the vibrant color singing through every flower and tree of the perfect Twin Cities summer. Right this wrong by bringing color into your summer moving style. Because you’ll be moving with vivid yellow plastic moving boxes, choose colors that complement yellow. Opt for soft blue, gray or black for your shorts. Find vintage t-shirts with a gentle eggshell, pale red or pastel base color. Allow a hint of white sock to peak over the top of your boot. These colors will also pair beautifully with your moving supplies, like recycled brown packing paper and translucent bubble wrap. 

Style Your Move with Banana Box

Banana Box is the Minneapolis-based moving company that supplies superior, rentable plastic moving boxes and all the supplies you need to make your move easier. We drop off our moving boxes and supplies directly to you, so you’ll have more time to plan your perfect moving day look. We offer a number of different bundles to accommodate any size move. Just tell us what you need and when you need them, and we’ll be there. When you’re finished unpacking, we’ll pick the boxes up. We can even help you find local movers that fit your budget, so you can spend even more of your moving day taking pictures of your great outfit to post on social media so that your ex can see that you’re even beautiful when moving and they never should have left. 

Schedule your move with Banana Box online or over the phone at (612) 979-5137.