How to Pack Extremely Fragile Items
July 18, 2023

How to Pack Extremely Fragile Items

Bubble wrap seems to solve all of the world’s problems. 

If you need to know how to pack fragile items (yourself not included), you’ll likely turn to bubble wrap for moving. That is a great first step. However, there are so many other tips to ensure you know how to pack fragile items the right way. 

Prevent a heart attack that would occur when you realize your precious leg lamp was shattered in the move. Instead, take some tips from the reusable moving box experts to learn how to pack fragile items the right way. (Next week, we’ll talk about addressing your own frailty and how bubble wrap can help with that, too.)

Bubble Wrap, Bubble Bubble Bubble Wrap

Yeah, bubble wrap for moving is your new best friend. Also, the soundtrack of your Twin Cities move

Wrap it before you tap it into the moving truck to ensure your fragile personal items aren’t going to be cracked when you get to unpacking a few months after you move into your new place. Alternatively, if you meant to use bubble wrap for moving but wound up popping it all, packing paper will do the trick. 

Keep the good stuff bouncing around and the fragile stuff wrapped tight in reusable moving boxes. This will help you move with confidence, knowing that your valuable and breakable items are protected, and your vibes are good. 

Must Be Italian!

Labeling your reusable moving boxes is like, really important. Slapping a big ol’ red sticker that reads FRAGILE on a box that contains breakable items is probably the safest route to go. But you can also just simply get a Sharpie or dry-erase marker and write it on there, as well. 

No matter how you label your reusable moving boxes, you need to put something on there to alert your movers that there are, in fact, breakable items in there. 

Pack Them In Durable Containers

One of the best ways to ensure your fragile items are secure during your move is to combine the other two tips and this one. Put your bubble-wrapped belongings in reusable moving boxes and label them. Bam! You’re protected. 

Plastic moving boxes are more durable and sturdy than cardboard, giving you an added layer of protection during your move. They can stack on top of each other with ease and won’t bend or break, crushing everything inside.

Plus, with free delivery, you can get reusable moving boxes to protect your stuff quickly and easily! Find moving boxes near you and keep your fragile items safe. 

Now that you know how to pack fragile items, you can start to focus on yourself!