Cardboard Moving Boxes Rule

Cardboard moving boxes are like that friend who you may not see much, but when they do show up they’re a life saver. Only cardboard moving boxes are even better. Because when the dust settles you can turn them into a fort. Can’t turn your friend into a fort.

What else can you do with cardboard moving boxes when you’re done? 

  • Break them down for gardening projects
    • Lay them under new flower beds to nourish the soil.
  • Do art!
    • Make sculptures, collages, masks, a life size cutout of yourself!
  • Make a tiny town of cardboard houses and trees
    • This will really make your train set pop
  • Flirt with a cutie by the recycle bin
    • You can find love anywhere, why not save the planet while you’re at it. 

But before you have fun with your boxes, you need to move with them.

Cardboard Moving Boxes Delivered Right to Your Door

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Banana Box started out by renting reusable plastic moving boxes to people on the move in the Twin Cities, but something was missing: our old pal, Cardboard!

Now we offer cardboard moving box bundles and all the supplies you need — still delivered right to your door with no delivery fees.

Be a Cardboard Box Pro

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They don’t really teach you how to tape a box the right way. Taping a cardboard box is not just an important life skill, it’s a beautiful art that you can share with those around you.

When it comes to packing up your beautifully taped boxes, there’s a way to do it that will make everything go smoother. We call that “The Right Way.”

Make your next move more a-peeling with Banana Box. Schedule plastic or cardboard moving boxes today.