The Top 5 Pranks to Pull While You Still Have Your Banana Boxes
April 8, 2022

The Top 5 Pranks to Pull While You Still Have Your Banana Boxes

Congratulations! Your effective labeling made your Banana Boxes easy to unpack. You don’t have to mourn the loss of any precious items and you’ve got plenty of time to unwind before Banana Box picks up your reusable moving boxes. While you can always let us know you’re ready for us to pick up your boxes early, why not have a little fun while you wait? Why not pull some pranks? 

Pranks are America’s love language. From the Boston Tea Party to Ashton Kutcher’s Punk’d and beyond, pranks are sewn into the very fabric of our nation like stars, stripes, baseball and processed cheese foods. Sturdy and strong, Banana Boxes are great for friendly pranks on your friends, family, pets and more. 

We at Banana Box want to remind you that the spirit of a prank should always be good natured, and no living thing or moving box should be hurt in the process of a laugh. With that legal disclaimer out of the way, here are the top fix pranks to pull while you still have your Banana Boxes.

1. Pull a Classic Jump Scare

With 4 cubic feet of fun to be had, large Banana Boxes can fit many adults and most children. Put some eerie music on, dim the lights, hide yourself or your young child in the box and wait for your prankee. When the time is right, hop out, yell “boo” and enjoy the reaction. Note, if hopping out of a yellow box makes your prankee produce some yellow of their own, react with consideration

2. Fart in a Box

There are two things that unite all people: a distaste for the traditional moving experience and a love of fart comedy. One of the good parts about moving is finding years of gag gifts you forgot you had. This certainly includes a remote control fart-noise maker. Give ‘er some fresh batteries, hide the speaker in a Banana Box, and let ‘er rip. Don’t have a fart machine? Don’t worry. Youtube has you covered with 16 hours of nonstop farts. Add an extra element to this prank by gaslighting your housemates and pretending you can’t hear the farts. 

3. Rickrolling Never Gets Old

Not a fart person? Weird but okay. Feel free to follow the “Fart in a Box” instructions but use this 12-hour seamless loop of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Other options include the 1923 hit, “Yes We Have No Bananas” on repeat, 10 hours of cats and kittens meowing, or this video of a man’s voice counting to 1,000 that a certain Banana Box writer sometimes falls asleep to when the weight of the world weighs heavy on her shoulders and she can’t fathom allowing her brain to contain a single thought. The acoustics of our plastic moving box will really shine as you PWN those closest to you.

4. Pretend It’s Heavy

Simple and classic like a Wisconsin cheddar, pretending something is heavy when in fact it is light is good for the soul. Act like you’re struggling to lift a forgotten box of your heaviest items. Call for help. When help arrives, their muscles will tense as they prepare to lift from the legs. Joke’s on them! Banana Boxes are lightweight! If your helpful friend sustains an injury to the head, don’t worry. Banana Boxes are easy to clean. 

5. Act Like You’re Disposing of a Body

If you like a little morbidity with your pranks, this is the one for you. True crime is one of the most popular genres across a variety of platforms, and that has us eying our neighbors a little more suspiciously. Especially if they see you struggling to carry a large Banana Box out of your building under the cover of darkness. For added effect, dig a fresh hole in your new lawn and leave a trail of environmentally friendly fake blood

Make Moving Fun With Banana Box

Moving with Banana Box is not just great for pranks. From start to finish, we make your move the easiest move of your life. We deliver durable, waterproof plastic moving boxes right to your home. For your convenience, we include a dry erase marker, packing paper and zipties while offering extra moving supplies at your convenience. Simply select from 5 bundle sizes, choose your extra moving supplies, and schedule your drop off and pick up dates. Need more time for unpacking or fun pranks? Just let us know! 

Schedule your move today by visiting us online. For more information, guidance or ideas for more Banana Box, feel free to give us a call at (612) 979-5137.