How Moving with Banana Box Helps the Environment
May 14, 2021

How Moving with Banana Box Helps the Environment

Choosing paper over plastic is often understood to be better for the environment. But is it always? Unfortunately it’s a bit more complex! Especially because the uses of paper and plastic are so widely varied, it’s good to do some investigation before making a purchase on paper or plastic moving boxes. In this article, we provide some clarity on how choosing Banana Box for your move is the best option, not only for your experience and convenience, but for our planet too.

Reusable Plastic Boxes Last Longer

Cardboard can be sent to a recycling facility, but sadly that doesn’t mean it actually gets recycled. According to the EPA, the largest percentage of municipal solid waste (trash that doesn’t get recycled) is paper and paperboard (cardboard). This is largely because when cardboard gets wet or contaminated with oils from food, it’s no longer able to go through the recycling process. This results in landfills full of cardboard. Even if you intend to purchase your boxes and sell or gift them to another mover when you’re done, you can only use them a few times before wear and tear renders them unusable for moving or storage. On the other hand, you can use plastic moving boxes over and over again for years and share them among different movers. Banana boxes are also perfect for long term storage. After a Banana Box is manufactured, it will likely be many years before the box ever reaches a recycling facility.

Reusable Plastic Boxes Save Energy

The more we use cardboard and discard it into landfills, more needs to be produced. The paper industry is the fifth largest consumer of energy on the planet. In fact it uses up four percent of all the world’s energy. In addition to being an energy eater, the paper industry uses a huge amount of water. There are widely varied types of papers and plastics, but the production of paper bags, for example, emits seventy percent more air pollution than the production of plastic ones. See why this is complex? It stands to reason that less reliance on recycling and overall production, coupled with a commitment to reusing is least harmful to our environment

Reusable Plastic Boxes Cut Down on Carbon Emissions

Often these issues don’t have an all-encompassing, one-step solution. Usually it’s the culmination of individuals’ small choices that can have a global impact. For example, cardboard is a heavier material than plastic. A moving truck full of plastic containers holding your belongings weighs less than a moving truck full of cardboard ones. Picture this on a national scale. In 2018, ten percent of America’s population moved. That’s millions of moving trucks. In 2021, as the housing market is currently booming, this number will only increase. If all of those moving trucks used even half a percent less fuel, how much carbon emissions can be avoided per year? How much fossil fuel can we save in the future? 

Help the Planet with Banana Box

Partner with Banana Box in taking impactful steps to help our environment. Banana Boxes are more durable, lighter, and easier to stack and carry. Not only will they make your move noticeably easier, but you’ll be making the greenest choice when it comes to selecting the right moving boxes. The culmination of wise consumer choices will have the greatest long-term impact on our planet. Choose Banana Box for your next move. Visit to request your moving boxes today!