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Question for you: have you ever dashed to a superstore the day before your move to pick up *gulp* cardboard boxes? You are soon punched in the gut by the realization that you HAVE to pay whatever price they decide because you are “boxed” into a corner.

What’s more, these boxes will tear, be difficult to carry, and not stack reliably. Even worse, you realize you’re gonna need additional supplies from the big box bad guys. Now you need tape, packing paper, a roll of bubble-wrap, and your dignity back. Not a good look.

If you are looking for the best and most innovative moving company in Minnetonka, you’ve stumbled upon the right page. With durable, reusable, stackable plastic boxes available for your next move, the movers at Banana Box offer the best moving boxes in the business delivered right to your door.

The best part? If you go the reusable route, we’ll pick the boxes up at your new place when you’re done. You tell us when and where, and we’ll be there. Zero trips to the store necessary.

Oh, and you can get your boxes as soon as today. Pretty cool, we know.

So get moving the right way with Banana Box – the moving company you’ll ever need in Minnetonka.

Your Minnetonka Moving Solution

Banana Box was founded to make moving easier, safer, and far more a-peeling. If you are planning a move in the Minnetonka area – even tomorrow – we can get you what you need. From a variety of reusable, durable moving boxes to tape, markers, dollies, packing paper and much more, we have the supplies to smooth out your move.

Because Banana Box is committed to making your move easier, we offer same-day delivery of moving boxes and moving supplies throughout Minnetonka and the surrounding areas.

Eliminate the variables, like the stupid trips to the stupid store. Count on Banana Box to be the moving company in Minnetonka that you deserve. We’ll show up on your front step with whatever you need to get the job done. Check out same-day delivery options on our website, and discover the easiest way to move. We can’t wait to help you split!