Buy Moving Boxes in the Twin Cities

Durable, Reusable Moving Boxes - Delivered Right to Your Door

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3 vertically stacked Banana Boxes, in ascending order of smallest moving box at the top to largest moving box on the bottom.

Let’s face it: moving is an absolute headache. Along with the ordeal of packing up all your belongings (and finally going through that junk drawer), you need to buy boxes. TONS of boxes.

However, that back-of-the-closet box you’ve saved from 4 moves ago won’t adequately protect your possessions and is prone to tearing, splitting, water damage, and mishandling. Talk about a nightmare. Thankfully, there is a way to get your hands on durable moving supplies without having to buy moving boxes from the hardware store. Enter: Banana Box.

At Banana Box, we’re in the business of making your move more a-peeling. We provide high-quality, reusable moving boxes in three different sizes that are made of hard plastic – this protects your items and prevents mishaps. These Boxes are made for stacking, which saves you time, convenience, and back pain. We even provide dry erase markers so you can label your Boxes as you see fit!

The best part? We’ll deliver them straight to your door, then pick them up at your new home when you’re done. No more breaking down cardboard boxes and stomping on them in the driveway. Yikes.

Level up your move today with Banana Box!

Your Twin Cities Moving Box Solution

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Image of a large yellow Banana Box labeled #4011

Banana Box was founded to make moving easier, safer, and far more a-peeling. If you are moving in the Twin Cities, our durable and reusable moving boxes can help revolutionize your move.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You choose a day.
  2. We deliver Banana Boxes to your door.
  3. You move like a champion.
  4. Finally, we pick up the Boxes from your new home.

Boom! Don’t worry about cleaning or storing them – we’ll take care of the nitty gritties.

It’s time to stop buying moving boxes from the store and being disappointed. Level up your move with hard, plastic boxes that are water resistant, built for easy stacking, and keep all your belongings safe throughout the moving process. Get in touch with a moving pro at Banana Box, and we’ll make this your easiest move yet.